Monday, June 25, 2007


Well I did my first triathlon in the pouring rain yesterday!!

I'll do a full race report later - but splits something like this (I don't think I was too good at pressing the button, so have estimated a little)...

Swim (200m pool): 03:57
very happy to be sub 4mins :oD
T1: 01:30
went pretty smooth, bike shoes on easily and no phaffing getting another top on
Bike (16.5k): 36:15
well given the rain and the number of roundabouts (11!) I am really really pleased with this time
T2: 01:40
again really smooth
Run (5k): 25:58
If that is really the split time I'm well chuffed, and don't deserve it given lack of training in recent weeks! The route was largely through woods (which I love running in) BUT we really should have been told it was x-country (given all the rain!) I did loose a shoe in the mud once. Muddy wasn't the word!
TOTAL: 1:09:20 (unofficial)

So having said I wasn't going to "race" it, I obviously kinda did. Probably could have pushed a bit more on the run but not much.

Lots of experiments (mainly involving velcro!) went well with a couple of casualties! I'll write the full race report later today - this morning no exercise just lots of stretching and rolling on my foam roller!

Oh and have found some excellent self-help exercises for the sacro joint so am managing to keep it in line for myself. Must be working as it seems to be settling down (fingers crossed). Thanks Wes for your good wishes on that front! :o)

Happy dayz :o)


  1. Well done chuckie; we were concerned about the lack of race day report, but you didn't float away! Jealous (as usual) of your speedy swim. Hope you're fit and fighting for next weekend's extravaganza. There are some great roller exercises (self-myofascial release) on for softening IT bands and the like.

  2. Nice job! Impressive splits!! Looking foward to a detailed race report.

  3. Great job! and doing it in the rain will make the next one seem easier. Way to go, now you are hooked ;)

  4. Beautiful! You kicked butt on that one! I need to learn some lessons from you gals on how to transition smoothly. I'm workin it!! Nice job, sick one :-)

  5. Oops wrong web reference earlier - s/be : and scroll down for the roller piccies

  6. Nice job! Looking forward to the full report and curious about the velcro!

  7. Great job with the race! It's a good thing there are no roundabouts on race courses here...nobody in this country can figure the damn things out. If you put them on a triathlon course, nobody would come back alive!