Monday, June 18, 2007

Now I've done it...

I've entered a half marathon

I didn't think I'd ever want to bother doing a half marathon (or anything further for that matter)

Then I found out about three numbers... 70.3 and a dream was formed

So the theory is if my legs can carry me on the half marathon (it's in September), then they'll make it through a 70.3 (assuming I put the hours in!) next year.... so my 2008 vision is forming.

... but less of that, I've still got this year to cope with!!!

Will keep my blog short as I do need to get to bed if I'm going to stand half a chance of getting up a silly o'clock for a gym strength session!

So I did get a little bit done Saturday, cycled to local town and back on Rockie (it's not that far - only took 13mins each way). After the bike home I did a quick 2k-er just to see how my chest etc was. Survived that but did feel much more tired then I should have done given a training session is usually 1-2hours not 30mins!

Sunday at the Windsor Tri was absolutely FAN-BLINKIN-TASTIC! Met up Club La Santa training buddies, Jules (who was racing) and Sheila.... and then would you believe it whilst Jules was in the drink Sheila and I bumped into another La Santa training grrl called Sue who was supporting yet another L-S person (Alex) who was racing. Jules and Sheila had also bumped into another guy from L-S on the Saturday who was also doing the race on Sunday! Blimey! So we ended up having a mini La Santa reunion with Jules, Alex and Simon racing and Sheila, Sue and I yelling encouragement! FAB. The atmosphere was really special and the three of us watching have now vowed to enter the race next year. Also saw some guy from work racing and some of my Tri club buddies. It was a really busy race, really well organised and the routes looked fab. Looking forward to next year already! We actually spent quite a bit of time at the bike out of the transition area - saw some sights there. Points of note;
1. There were not many people doing swishy bike mounts. Did have the odd couple who literally ran and jumped on their bikes but the majority of successful mounts did what I do which is take time, clip in, set off. That was reassuring to see. Those that went fast tended not to clip in and bundle over (ouch!)
2. Quite a few people who had their shoes attached lost one or both shoes trying to get on their bike (that didn't work too well then).
3. Not sure how there wasn't more of accident - note to self, do not stand on the bend my the exit as the odd rogue rider has a near miss with the crowd at this place!

The most amazing sight I saw around the bike exit area was one guy who only had one arm doing a full Oly Tri.... this bloke was amazing.

Obviously after we had shouted for all our buddies I took the tour of the retail tents for a bit of obligatory retail therapy ;o)

I think the excitement of the morning must have got to me as having done all of the watching I got home at lunch and had a lovely snooze on the sofa!

Having said I was going to do a short blog I seem to be in full wibble mode now.... so I'll carry on..

Although the Windsor Tri was truely fab I couldn't get off my arse Sunday and do any training. Was still feeling a little out of sorts and don't want the dreaded lurgy back. So did the sensible thing and didn't train (highly unusual for me to be sensible). Oh and in an attempt to carry on getting rid of the lurgy, now I've finished the anti-bio's, I'm on the probiotic drinks, vitamin tabs and echinacea - nothing like giving your system a bit of a helping hand!

Having said that my beans are beginning to bubble again so I did go out first thing for a v.easy 4.5k in about 26mins. Didn't feel too bad given it was before breakie and first run in 3 weeks (I don't count the 2k-er on Sat). Have also been swimming tonight - it felt GOOD! Thankfully much better then last week. I did about 2k in about an hour.... and at this point I was must confess to saying thanks to Jules for sending on Rose's training plan she sent as I've decided to use it.... given you Jules did so well on the swim yesterday (no matter what you say that time was great and does show improvement from April), I thought I'd follow it, you have inspired me to stick with the programme!

Can't finish the post with reference to the resident moggy Muffin "the mouser"... Yes it seems mouse season is upon me once more. He got one a couple of nights ago which I rescued. Alas this morning I found he'd caught another one (judging by the left overs in the hall). I would have forgiven him but for the fact that I had cleared that up before I went for a run, to find when I got back I found cat puke upstairs in the bathroom. Thanks cat. YUK!
... and to top it off and prove he really is a mouse I got in from my swim this evening to be greeted by him with another (live) one in his mouth. Rescued that one too and sent it back to the woods. I can only hope he doesn't wake me up with a trophy in the middle of the night!

Right - time for zzzzz's.. Tally-ho!


  1. Seems like great minds think alike! That's why I am doing the marathon this year. All in preparation for next year or early 2009.

    Hooray for watching a triathlon. I can't wait to be a spectator, and I'm hoping Dee Dee will be racing.

    Congrats on getting your beans back :-) LOL. Congratulations to Muffin. Fresh meat will keep her young :-)

  2. Good luck with your half marathon training. Have you picked which half-ironman you are going to do yet? Some of them fill very early (at least over here).

    Sounds like your cat is pretty efficient. I wonder how he does with scorpions???

  3. good job. i have similar thought process going on. half mary in september, possible 70.3 in 2008.

    looking forward to the journey with you!

  4. Building towards a goal... way to take the plunge to do a half marathon.

    The whole shoes attahced, flying leap on the bike thing... I just don't get it. I would rather take an extra second or two to stop and clip in than fall on my face.