Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stats for May

A lovely day outside - a lovely day for a swim, bike or run... alas I'm still a wheezy and so am choosing to do nothing this morning (other then blog) and may go out for a shuffle out this evening if my chest is more settled - after all 12 hours could make all difference... ;o)

Right then stats for May - not sure how good this will read;

Swim: 5hrs 36mins (10.9k)
Bike: 8hrs 25mins (162k)
Run: 7hrs 11mins (58k)

Total: 21hrs 12mins and 230.9km
Blogs 14 - a great improvement ;o)

So I am actually a little surprised I'm only 5.5hrs short of April and that included La Santa training week. Lost the time in the bike and swim and stayed the same with the run, which all sort of makes sense. Also had two colds in May which stopped me from training a bit. The things I wanted to concentrate on for May was getting into the open water (done - hurrah!) and look to take my Lanzarote biking on to the roads of the UK. I think I'll give myself half marks for the bike as I've definitely increased my road cycling although think I should be doing more and probably didn't get to it as quickly as I should have done (that damn saddle ;o) )

My thoughts for June then..... Well I've got two Tri's this month (a shorty and a not quite Oly) so I'm just going to concentrate on getting the k's in. My training schedule for London is obviously not where it should be because of the break earlier in the year. So I'm going to continue building base/ endurance this month and then look to get some shorted/ sharper stuff in during July.

My ideal total hours will be something like 8-10hours swim, 10-12hours bike, 8-9hours run. My longest (UK) bike is now 1.5hrs and I would like to get to 2.5hrs (would say 3 but the tri's are the last 2 weekends of the month so that doesn't leave me much time to get a 3hr in!) and I'd like to go for 1.5hr run. Swim - get back in the pool for drills and get some longer swims in OW.

Mum and Dad got home yesterday so hoping to grab some more piccies later this week - poor Mum is back at work today - so much for a honeymoon!

Happy training!


  1. Welcome home! Hope your training gets kicked off again despite feelin a little under the weather!

  2. I think you're doing great after having to start from scratch after the broken hand thingy. And you have two tris this month....YAY for races!!

  3. I think you have a great plan. I don't think you need to go beyond 2 hours on the bike for training for Olympic distance. Better to go no more than 2 hours and concentrate on more pace or add in a 30 minute transition run. A 3-hour ride will just have you focusing on a pace that is slower than you are going to want to race at. I'm a big believer in quality over quantity, especially for sprint and Olympic distance racing. High volume just teaches you to go slow and increased the risk of injury.

  4. That's really good advice thanks Chad! :O)