Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taking things easy

First off let me just say hurrah for the weekend!

Had some friends round for dinner last night so am feeling quite relaxed this morning, although a little jaded (that'd be the wine then!). The weather today is not so great but may take Biancha out for a little spin later to see if I can get down on those aerobars! She has a couple of things to fit - well the new aero-bottle thingy has arrived so I need to fit that. Alas though the new tri shoes are too small so need to go back to the bike shop for a swap.

Having had my grand bike ride to work during the week I've not done much high HR stuff since as still a little wary of the bug coming back.... so am taking things a bit easy. I have managed a couple of strength sessions this week and did actually get back to pool Thursday night. Which was about as hard as I thought it would be given I've not swam for two weeks! Not sure of how much I did but think around 1.6km in 45mins. Mostly drills and then 2 sets of 150,100,50. I was actually quite surprised in the warm-up as my form seemed pretty good... however that didn't last long as by the end of the first 100m my arms felt weak!! Oh that would be because they are weak! ;o)...say the mantra..."I will become a fishee again". I have surprisingly learnt to love swimming over the last 3 months since rightie came out of plaster. I actually find it a relaxing wind down from work as I seem to concentrate on what I'm doing which takes my mind away from the phaff of a normal day :o)

I've still not done any running - that'd be for ..oh blimey... two and a half weeks since I last jogged out. That's a bit of a worry.... So I ought to take myself out to see how things are, maybe today or more likely tomorrow. Hummmmm mini-tri in a week will be interesting!

Tomorrow morning brings the Windsor Triathlon which I'm going down to watch. Really looking forward to hooking up with Jules and Sheila and then watching the Elite athletes go off - I'm sure that will be amazing!

Right it's 1020 already and I need to get to the post office and send the shoes back! Let's get to it!

Have a great weekend! :o)


  1. I also really like swimming because it takes my mind off other things.

    I'm sure your mini tri next week will be fine. And I bet you'll really have the bug to do it after watching the Windsor tri today. :)

  2. My arms always feel so tired in the first 500 meters when I swim. After my break and I start my second 500 meters, I feel so strong. It's just that little adjustment period we need to get warmed up.

    I caught your "English" humor in that last post. My "American" witticism just failed me in my not so subtle response :-)

    Persevere in your training, and a hex on that bug :-) Leave my UK gal alone!!