Sunday, June 10, 2007

Watch out my beans are on the way back!

Yep I'm beginning to feel my beans.. they're beginning to jiggle... hurrah.. think I'm getting over the lurgy :o) ..... I can breath again! On the antibio's until tomorrow so will *try* and resist the temptation to do anything today as don't want to get a set-back. Having said that I may go to the pool for a little splash around later, nothing too tiring though.

So training stats for the week - well you'd think that'd be zero - BUT then I have had to have a little Tri retail therapy so my wallet has had plenty of training... this is what is on order;

Ear plugs
Anti fog spray

Pair of entry level Tri bike shoes
LOOK KEO cleats for above mentioned shoes
Profile aero water bottle and holder

Bidding for one pair of ASICS Landreth trainers (to go with the other pair I got last weekend!)

Also fitted the aerobars to Biancha!

Note to self - do not get ill as it seems to damage the wallet quite seriously! LOL!

Looking forward to next week and getting back to it... 2 weeks til my next Tri (a baby one locally which should be lots of fun)

Happy days :o)


  1. Jiggling is a good thing ;-)

  2. Jules3:26 pm

    Asics Landreth's rock as a high mileage training shoe! Bit heavy for racing though. Very jealous of your tribars / trishoes / aerobottle - I feel an Evans trip coming on...

  3. Hi Karen! Thanks very much for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment. Best of luck in your upcoming tri. I look forward to following along!