Thursday, August 23, 2007

Moseying on...

So it's nearing the end of the week and there's much excitement afoot as it's a Bank Holiday on Monday and I've got Tuesday off too ... HURRAH.... not that I'm dedicating any of this free time to Tri or half-mary training..NO.. I'm off to Blackpool! An iconic seaside resort in the North of England...if nothing else it will be a laugh!

Reason for the trip (well excuse really) is that the England Women's cricket team are playing New Zealand up there somewhere and a couple of the girls from the local cricket team play for the England (very special!).... so a group of us are heading north for some F-U-N!!!! I will take my trainers and some running shorts and try and get some exercise in - but I may be fighting a losing battle with that. As for sea swim - unlikely as it's blinkin freezing up there!!!!! Maybe I'll take my wetsuit!?!

And for some more good news .... The little calf muscle is healing well - hurrah! No bad reaction to my escapades on Monday... nought in the way of training on Tuesday, then a club swim Wednesday - which was fun. Tonight I've really tested the leg though.. 45min spin class (good fun!) straight onto the treadmill for a 5k.. took it easy the first 2.5k then racked up the speed a little, and finished on 5min/k pace... and the calf is still in one piece! :o)

So tonight was a good session. I'm going to try for a long run tomorrow which may convert into a long run/ walk depending on how my legs are in the morning. I'm still not sure whether I'll be on for the half Mary, only 3 weeks away now - so I've entered another one mid-October which will probably be a better bet!

Oh and I've started looking at doing an ATP for 70.3 - how many hours!?!?!?!? Blimey!

Right I'm watching "The Matrix" for the umpteenth time, although I think the first time this year.... isn't it just a FAB film!!!! Neo's just taken the pill and waking up in that pod thing.. eugh!


  1. I love the Matrix movies and seen all of them a bunch of times.

    Have fun up in Blackpool. Hopefully you can find some trails and get a few runs in.

  2. Have a great trip... Good for you for getting in the training with a healing calf muscle. Looks like we are both looking at 70.3 soon next year. Hurray for us :-)

  3. I am glad that calf is healing up!! Have a great time at Blackpool!!

  4. Glad your calf is feeling better.

    A 70.3, huh? It will be fun to follow along on your journey for that one!

  5. Blackpool eh? I remember driving in and then out again...I am sure you will love it as long as you take it for what it is - Loud and proud. I am now officially scared about next Sunday and have run out of motivation today...terrible isnt it. I am going in the garden now and then up the road for some painting time...

  6. Where have you been? Its been a week since your last blog. I hope that you are alright.