Friday, August 17, 2007

Rockin on....

Hello fellow Bloggers... should we be called Blogites or something Bloggers just sounds a but dull ;o)

OK so progress is being made with the strain although I fear not quick enough (pause, inhale and exhale)..... Managed a real easy 25mins spinning on the turbo Weds night which wasn't too bad a bit niggly but ok. Went on to club swim which was really quiet but muchos fun!! After a warm-up we did some 200m reps; 50cruise, 100all-out, 50 cruise.. then some technique stuff followed by some more 200m reps; 50sprint, 100cruise, 50sprint... all really good fun!

Took it kind of easy Thursday. Quite a bit of stretching for the leggy (thanks for the advice by the way), and ended the day with 25mins sports massage just on my leg - I'm sure that has actually helped!... Ended with the obligatory glass of red wine and cheese... as you may recall I found this combination really helped with mending my broken hand earlier in the year so I though I'd try it again.. ah-hum..cough.. yes ok... poor excuse ;o)

More RICE today and this evening I gave jogging a go..... did 20mins on the x-trainer (bleah I hate that machine), 20mins easy bike (I now hate gym bikes compared to my trusty stead!), and then 20mins on the treadmill, not running I hasten to add.... 2mins walk, 2mins v. gentle jog. Weirdly enough I felt the calf more at the beginning then towards the end... So have been v.good and done ouddles of stretching and now going to ice it a bit. So far so good. I think I need to stay off it for the weekend so am going to cycle a bit tomorrow and some more gym work Sunday I think. My jury is still out about the half-Mary.... but never fear as I've spotted an alternative which is mid-Oct so may swap to that one if I'm not confident of getting the training in for the Sept one :o)

All good... and guess what else... IT'S THE WEEKEND!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! :O)

...Now where has that bottle of wine gone...


  1. Wine and cheese! The breakfast of champion triathletes!! Have a great weekend :-)

  2. I have heard that wine and cheese makes recovery go faster!! Keep at it. ;>)

  3. I am glad to see you are getting plenty of RICE, and also getting some other cross training to keep in shape. What kind of wine was it? And, was the cheese low fat or the good stuff?

    Have a great weekend. Eric

  4. Yes, weekends are so least until they are over (boooo).

    Glad to hear that you are making progress with the injury. Very smart to see how it goes before deciding on the race.