Sunday, August 05, 2007


I made it... no longer an Olympic distance virgin!!! :o)

Unbelievable things of the day;
  1. The heat
  2. The amount of people in the swim. OMG!
  3. The heat
  4. The non-drafting - but how could you not draft (because of the sheer weight of numbers) - on the bike
  5. The heat
  6. The run - unbelievably hot.. have I mentioned the heat?
  7. The marshals and support people. We had water cooling thrown at us (if you like at 4 points on the 5k lap)
  1. The energy I found on the last k of the run - The slope (which was a mountain on lap one), back into the centre, and to the finish, was a mere mole hill. I had it. I beat it. I realised a dream today. I did it. Unbelievable
So I set out and achieved my top 4! VERY HAPPY

Oh yeah and have I mentioned the time.... that's unbelievable too.... just had a text message from the race results service... are you ready... are you sitting down;
RaceNr 6563: TOTAL TIME 2:46:06
Splits look a little strange... But I can't believe the time. Although I do have to confess due to a road hole (as in a great big one appearing in the road), the bike route was changed and I think shortened. So I think we did more like 38k rather then 40k..... even with the extra 2k I would have still come in under the 3hours.... WHOOOP WHOOP!

... and bbieberitz..... I read your comment on my mobile last night (or was it this morning??!!)... "TRUST YOUR TRAINING".. .became my motto.. so thank you heaps for that! It really really helped. You must be the jedi master or something!

Full race report to come in a day or two - depends when I get out of my duvet I suspect ;oO

Now it's time for sleep! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. JulesR12:06 pm

    2:46 is a great time and you're well up in your age group. When the London Tri website calms down, we're going to enjoy seeing that vid clip of you crossing the finish line!

  2. Great job! It seems you sure suprised yourself. Keep up the good work! Ya know, there are only 2 distances left to tackle, so when is the half IM :) ?

  3. Wooo hoooo! That is a great time! Congratulations!!!! 2K blah blah... You were smokin hot :-)

  4. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!! Can't wait for the report!!!

  5. Absolutely awesome job!!! You really nailed that race. I'm so excited for you. Your training really paid off. I hope you really had a great time with it. Recover well and enjoy!

  6. Anonymous10:29 pm

    well done sis!!!We proud of you.Nur XX

  7. Nice job on the race! YOU are AWESOME!