Monday, August 20, 2007

Where'd the weekend go?

Blimey! Monday night already - what happened to the weekend? Did I sleep through it? Did it happen......

So happily I got no adverse reaction to my Friday night x-trainer & run/ walk session.. HURRAH!

For some bizarre and unfathomable reason I got up EARLY Saturday to go OPEN WATER swimming in a very (VERY) COLD Lake...Brrrrrrr... Met up with some friends down there and cruised a couple of laps... No HRM, no timing so reckon I did something like 1.8k in 40ish mins. Very cool (literally and metaphorically speaking). Had a nice cuppa then, as rain was threatening, decided to drive over to my parents (original plan involved biking over but I hadn't planned on the swim and the horrid weather!). Spent a good morning with Ma and Pa before finally heading home..... time for a run or bike.. hummm.. no.. time for a BBQ! Yes a great British tradition - BBQ in the rain!

So Saturday night was spent over a friends house where we all huddled mainly inside (note it was that cold the heating was on), whilst BBQ was on and cooking outside! Very good sociable evening where I confess I had a beer (or several).... really enjoyed the evening until I woke up Sunday morning! Ouch! Nothing more then a bit of a hangover!

Eventually managed to drag my arse into gear late morning and ventured out on Biancha.... after 10k I decided my hangover wasn't getting any better so decided it was just best that I cycled to my friends house to pick up my car and not get too carried away with a big bike adventure after all ;o) ... So Sunday a very lazy 14k ride and that's it (POOR SHOW!)

I have managed to get back on the straight and narrow today though - Good 1.6k swim this morning (ouddles of drills). Tonight another 25mins on the x-trainer (YUK!!!) and 35mins run/walk. Calf feels ok so far although max run time was 8mins before it starting aching... so I am still being a bit careful - may try a road run in a couple of days time. If I can get a proper run in by the end of the week then I'll still do the half-mary in Sept, if I can't I'll sack that one and find another!!

Oh - look at the time... right time for some duvet loving...zzzzzzz


  1. Sounds like a good weekind with friends and family. Sometimes that has to take priority over workout.

  2. Ooohhh. Now you got me wanting to try some British BBQ (In my best Queen's English accent) :-) That sounds like a great weekend for the old calve muscle. Glad to hear its starting to feel a little better.

  3. Sounds like you had fun at the BBQ! I think the calf needed the rest anyway!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. :>)

  5. OK so the running a biking suffered a bit but look at those biceps from all those curls you did drinking beer!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend!! And you're getting some training in too.