Monday, October 15, 2007


2:10:21 = yesterday's half mary time..... Happy!

But sore!

The race "plan" was to run 10mins then stretch, walk, run (upto 1min break) then run again. Figured I'd average a 11min mile doing this.... imagine my shock when I went through the 1mile marker sub 9mins... DOH! Still carried on and stopped at my alloted 10min intervals throughout.

I'll write a bigger blog about the event (currently having laptop issues - ie it seems to have blown up so am doing this from the ol' PC upstairs having dusted it down!), but suffice to say it was a wonderful wonderful event. Loved every minute (bar the 10mins it took me to climb that hill - which was incidently pure evil)..... and perhaps I didn't quite love the last mile as I was beginning to suffer a bit then (hydration strategy... whoops what's that again ... humm).

Oh how my toes suffered.....
Two black and two blue toe nails (the ones next to each big toe are black and the middle ones are blue)... but at least it was symmetrical (I know you enjoyed that picture didn't you?!?!!....oh ok... maybe not!)

And now the rest of me is sore today - pretty much all over - but I think I'm recovering ok... just a shame I've got a nightmare week at work this week. Into London today, perhaps Weds and Thurs and tomorrow I drive to Manchester via a meeting in Coventry... not sure how the hammies are going to like sitting in a car for 3+ hours each way.... hummm!

Still I am VERY PLEASED with the time :o)..... In fact so pleased I think I may go and get myself a beer - that is a good supplement to take to aid recovery isn't it?!


  1. Great race! That is awesome! I was pretty cool with it until you showed me your toes. Ewwww :-) Beer is the BEST recovery drink!!

  2. Kirsty Dawn9:38 am

    Well done Dorisimo, was very exciting to see you finish in a great time.
    I do have a picture of you just as you crossed the line but am not sure you'd want me to share....!
    So will e-mail over to you later and then you can do with it what you wish!

  3. Good job!! Hope the toes and the rest of you feel better soon!!

  4. JulesR4:03 pm

    Black and blue nail varnish - were those in the goodie bag at the finish? Well done you!

  5. Well done.
    Love the toes.
    Beer is the best.