Monday, December 17, 2007


Blimey - didn't realise it's been so long since my last blog! Thought it was last wednesday for some reason but now realise it was nearly two weeks ago!

Bad blogging!

Bad Karen!

Training summary: 1 * good week, 1 * bad week (last week)

Work summary: 1 * good week, 1 * utterly bizarre week (also last week)

Home Front: 2 * excellent weeks

Christmas shopping: Everything ordered, question is will Amazon let me down?!... and if they don't will the Royal Mail deliver?

New Family member: Arriving tomorrow.

Recent tri-training accomplishments:
- 1* hr long ride in the pouring rain. Wet but not too cold
- 1.5hr ride in the FREEZING really cold cold cold wind. I think it must have been minus something ....brrrr
- 1.5hr run also in the FREEZING cold (day after the ride).
- 400m swim time trial tonight = 8:20: Think if I had actually been swimming regularly I'd have come nearer to the magical 8mins.... but given I haven't been I'll take the new PB!

OK: Blog over. It's nearly midnight and I should have been in bed hours ago!


  1. Hey girl! Isn't swimming this time of year in England, dangerous? LOL :-)

  2. JulesR7:29 pm

    Are you deliberately hiding your "Actual Distance" column in the weekly totals to avoid abuse, or is it just a techie glitch?

    Welcome back on track!

  3. stay warm!

    I just received some presents I ordered from Amazon and the package was damaged :( Now I need a plan B..

  4. Merry Christmas!

    It is too hard to train this time of year. I have a very poor distance total so far this month. oh well:(

  5. Great job getting those workouts in!! I hope your packages arrived!