Monday, September 28, 2009

Picture this

Just a quick one.

Recovery is going well and having had a second set of xrays on my collar bone no damage there either.... phewy!

Bike just has a rear flat, although I've not given it a thorough going over yet.

Physio starts today - which is as well as, from the shoulders down, my body is yearning to exercise!!!

Here's a little picture of where I was (taken from my Garmin download) when the accident took place. Very lucky to have been right next to the fire track so when the ambulance did get there it was a relatively painless extraction (for those carrying me I mean..LOL)

On the second pic you can see the resevoir (bottom right concrete square) which is where the helicopter landed. The ambulance ride from the accident to the LZ was particularly bumpy and painful from what little I remember. Bizarely I can't remember going from ambulance into the helicopter - very odd as I know I wasn't knocked out but the brain was a bit scrambled.

On the tri front, what with it being the end of the season thoughts are already turning to next season. The "gang", which seems to be growing in size, are talking of Quelle Challenge Barcelona 70.3 which is at the end of May. Will be odd not doing an IronDot event but Quelle Challenge has a great reputation so we'll see. Other plans are for Reading Half Marathon which is March time and then maybe going down to Oly Distance races after Barcelona. All slightly vague at the moment but then it is only September!! LOL!


  1. JulesR1:48 pm

    Was there a big heart rate spike at the time of your crash?

  2. Glad to hear you are well!!!

  3. recovery goine well = great news