Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Letter of the week; O


"O is the fifteenth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. Its name in English (pronounced /ˈoʊ/) is spelled o; the plural is oes, though this is rare"

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O can be quite an excitable word with many emotions attached

- Oh.... oh dear! Oh My God... Oh No! Oh la la! Oh Oh ohhhhh!
- Oi!

You can also miss letters before the o and things still make sense... for example I'm going on 'oliday this Thursday (I AM in fact doing this, I'm going to Lanzarote for swim camp... and altogether now ... YEAH!)

Let's not forget it also represents Oxygen (which I will be requiring during swim camp no doubt)

... and also means zero, nothing, nought..... 0

We also use this as a symbol in modern day communications; to smile :0) or sadness )0;

So many uses..... even a pretty little pattern;