Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Photo's

Yes I know - this is actually my second blog in the same morning!


Anyhow - thought I'd share some swim camp pictures (thanks Jules for uploading!)

First off Jules and Anita swimming (this is the last day of the camp so clearly they look good in the pool - nice body position etc etc.... prior to this camp they both swam like an octopus - only kidding guys ;o)... now they are sleek, water pushing, body gliding swimmers... ahem)
and Anita;

They both usually look whacked after some of the killer sets....

but always managed to put on a brave, smiley face after....
We took ourselves to the pool bar regularly, even allowing out mate "pool buoy" to come along too;
Archie the coach often got us stretching before the pool sessions;
.. and all this swimming led Anita to have quite a problem with water in the ears, (either that or Jules had been talking in her ears for too long and she was doing the whole "la la la la la I can't hear you" thing....)
...and despite Anita and I not sharing the flat with Jules this time - we still managed to sneak our way in for some downtime, Anita even managed to corner the "sofa of snooze" on one occasion, and wasn't wanting to leave for the next swim session;

And of course swim camp wouldn't have been complete without the coach... Swimming along I'd often see Archie telling me to "STOP"

In which case you'd hang on to the side to be given new "guidance"
Or simply you'd be swimming along and get one of the following signs;
Karen saw this and thought... "OK I've got to get that hand in better"

Karen thought... "crap... yes ...I've forgotten about that whole back bit of the stroke"

or occasionally;
Karen thought... "Wholly Molly... I'm doing something right!!"... I didn't see this sign too much!


  1. LOL... great pics :-) I suppose you'll be coaching soon :-)

  2. JulesR8:56 pm

    All you need is the blue hat:)