Thursday, February 11, 2010

and so a quick update...

'K.... so

I saw the Osteo on Tuesday..... verdict (given it was a check up as nothing was 'wrong')...

: All is ok, thought I'd get checked over before I get too carried away with this ironmand stuff. My friend reckons there may be an inbalance somewhere because the niggles I get are opposing

: OK - so give me your history

Karen thinks
... he doesn't want to know about my love life or job, I guess he must be asking about my injuries... ;o)

: Well my left calf gets tight, but I had a small tear in that a couple of years ago. My right hip flexor gets tight too... oh and then there's my neck, I tried to break that in September (I dismounted my mountain bike head first which I wouldn't recommend)

Osteo: Let's have a look then

Karen stands

Osteo: Oh. Gasp. Oh.... Well your left leg is shorter then your right

Karen thinks ... Whaaaaat?

Osteo: Well that's what your body thinks

Karen thinks... Whaaaat?

Osteo: No your spine is a bit twisted (note people SPINE not me).... so your leg appears shorter and your body compensates

Karen thinks: Stoopid twisty spine

So we get about it..... he untightens my left calf (very much OUCHY!).... does a gentle manip on lower back (NICEY)... and then looks at my neck... (UH OHEY)

Looks like the twisty back thing is probably from 15years of field hockey, no surprise there and I actually knew that I tended to do this (my physio two years ago was convinced my left leg was shorter before he realised the same thing and straightened me out a little). So Andy (the Osteo), didn't want to do too much as I'm used to being the way I am .... having said that my left leg weirdly did feel longer at the end of the session... which I can't explain!

He also said, rather disturbingly, that I may have a bulge on my disc at C7 from my accident in Sept... asked if they had MRI'd me (they didn't).... although should be manageable!!

So no "homework" set but good to stay on top of these things..... I'll probably go back in a couple of weeks time to have some more work done on back and neck!

Also saw sports massage guy (Jeremy) again on Weds.... that just hurt... but in a good way if you know what I mean!

And finally got to talk with my coach last night (we've both been away)..... We're both kinda excited about what awaits ahead. Got to send him a summary of my training last 6 weeks and longest sessions in each discipline. He'll then start with the programme.... did point out that not only do I start back at work next week but also have a significant birthday event... so perhaps make it an easy week ;o)

So far ... so good....


  1. Sounds're not too your spine is not too twisted.

    best wishes forging ahead with plans with your coach!

  2. well, I already knew you were twisted (in a personal kind of way ;-) LOL... That's some good stuff to know!! Would probably have been debilitating to find out later....

  3. Hey Karen! Which Iron are you doing? Tater Tots?