Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Getting ready!

Golly - didn't realise my last blog was the 13th (unlucky for some)..... so much has happened in the last couple of weeks!

First off looks like I've got me a job (whoop!).... not that I was desperate, but it's nice to be working again with the security that if it doesn't work out I'll have other options (like another holiday).... so I'm busy getting myself ready for that as I start next week! I'm looking forward to getting myself into a good regular work/ training routine.

Second - given I had a job offer I thought it best I take myself away for a final "holiday", well more like a triathlon training camp! So week before last I packed my bag and bike and headed back to the sunny and windy island of Lanzarote with one of my tri buddies (who had suggested the last minute booking).... it was an excellent week, both weather and training... a really good way of kick starting my Ironman dream. Got home last Thursday and since it's dived down to minus temperatures again with the odd snow flurry - WHAT IS THIS WINTER ALL ABOUT!? ;o)

On the FE front I am getting ready my virtual support team; family, friends and fellow bloggers! Here's my current check-list;

COACH - sourced, should be catching up this week and fingers crossed program to start next week.

SPORTS MASSAGE - last season I really found a regular sports massage helped with recovery and injury prevention. Because of the distances involved this year I decided to not go back to my lady from last year, just not convinced of her experience for endurance sports and ability to find the problems before they become one..... so I did some research and have found this guy relatively local (well the clinic is on the way to/ from the new job). He's done ironman, some ultra's etc... met him once already and he got a big tick of approval. So he shall be part of my routine, with a visit either every or every other week.

BACK - Now I've not got a problem with my back but if there's a weakness which will hinder my legs then it will stem from my back..... so today I'm seeing an Osteopath (for the first time!), so he can give me the once over. Andy (the Osteo) I have met vaguely before and he is also been active in the triathlon/ endurance sport scene. My plan is to see him today and depending, every month throughout the next 6 months

NUTRITION - I seem to have stumbled on a friend who is doing some nutrition qualifications and is keen to work with me for the race.... both strategy on race day but also the build up. She's also happy to see if we can sort out my sodium thing (I'm what they call a heavy salt sweater) which is all good stuff.

TRAINING - I still want to do some work on finding some training partners for the odd workout, but this will come once I kind of get in to my routine. There's quite a few options with club event, sportives, tri friends. I'm also pretty confident I can run or cycle to work but do need to check out facilities there for clothes and bike storage etc.

SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT - I'll leave all that to you guys ;o)

Well I'll leave it there for now - I don't want to get too carried away ;o).... Have a good training day out there!

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  1. Good luck with the new job!! and getting started on training for that matter. That's awesome! Who did you pick for a coach? Somebody local??