Thursday, February 25, 2010

Midweek quickie

OK so it's just gone Midweek but really

Was supposed to run today... but with the new job lunchtime runs are currently not the done thing, and as I've done double days for the last two days I thought I'd like a little snooze in this morning.....

.... which meant of course running this evening.... UH-OH

Got home; cold, wet, nasty..... thought about going out... did make it upstairs and out of my suit... then I just saw my PJ's there crying at me to put them on and chill... sometimes you have just got to chill.... so I decided I was tired (cough) and at about 7.20pm I got me my PJs on and chilled!!

Had a good chat with coach last night about the iron programme.... as I'm quite focused (well clearly not that focused) on Reading Half Marathon which is,... oh my quite soon actually... oh am suddenly overcome with guilt over lack of evening run.... oh darn... anyhow... focused (kinda) on the half marathon which is ... gulp.. 3 weeks on Sunday .. so we're starting the iron programme the week after. He came up with some great ideas around rest day and semi-rest days which I agreed with and actually kinda fit with my thinking but with better structure. Anyway - it was a good and positive chinwag... so all feeling good and I shall continue with my base in the semi-random but semi-thoughtful pattern that I have been :O) for the next three weeks!

On another front completely I was looking back at my old blog format and one of the things that helped me keep on the straight and narrow, way back when I started this whole tri thing.... was thinking about both seasons goals (so i think I know what this season is about - right?!?), but also training goals.... and then also doing a monthly summary of each of the disciplines with what I was pleased with and what I can do better... so sorry to bore you but, assuming I get round to it, I shall be doing again..... but first I'd better put some thought into it!!

Right - think this quickie has turned into a longie or at least a mediumie.... watching CSI at the same time and someone has just said "swab it" so I think it's getting interesting!!

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  1. I enjoy your blog-wagging :-) It's nice to work through your thoughts when blogging!