Tuesday, March 02, 2010

February Stats

OK so we know February included the big 4 ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and so included some rather good celebrations (which equates to missed training days), and then there was me starting back in full time work.... but on the upside to the road of iron, February also included 3 days of a week long tri camp (I went at the end of January) ... the question is then.. how did I do...

Swim fishy swim swim.... Another big month, posting 12.1miles, compare this to last year of 3.2miles (!) and you can see my love for swimming is definately growing!! Slightly down from January but that was planned and because Jan did include the "5 in 5 day challenge". I'm also determined to hold on to the gains I made from swim camp (November) to be honest, well it cost enough so need to get my ROI!!!
AIM for next month is to keep the consistency up, I'm aiming for 3 swims a week of at least 30mins. I also would like to increase the distance of at least one swim session to nearer the 2.5k mark (I'd say without looking I average around the 2k mark currently)

"Push those Pedals".... a good solid bike month, given we are still in the grips of a quite nasty winter I managed a healthy 164miles, the longest of which was in the cold and rain Saturday just gone at around 42miles. Now clearly I shall be upping these miles in coming weeks - I mean my race miles is 112 so doing only 164 in a month (rather then a day) does mean there's a way to go. But let's consider versus last year and I was only at 138miles (although to be fair was marathon training). So in summary I think this is a good solid start and I am beginning to really get into my biking!
AIM for next month is to be more consistent with my bike training and to UP THE MILES (albeit at a nice leasurily pace!). I'd like to have cracked the 60mile barrier sometime in March, I think that would be good to do....
Drilling it home. Hummm now I've done several "drill" sessions the past month as well as trying to up my mileage for Reading Half marathon. I think I've had a steady to mediocre month really (suffered the most because of the birthday celebrations I reckon) with a mere 42.8 miles ran... down from January (47miles) and also Feb last year (62.9miles).... HOWEVER I did end the month with a run injury (WTF!) and should have done a 10-12miler on sunday just gone... Mileage from last year was higher largely because I did longer runs as prep for the marathon.
AIM for next month is to just get my ankle/ achilles sorted. I don't know what I did on Friday (4 miler, 2 at tempo) but I couldn't walk properly after. My left foot can't seem to push off the toe without pain in my achilles area. I've rested it (from a run point of view) all weekend and may be able to run by the end of the week. With Reading Half on 20th of this month I would originally have been aiming for a PB, right now I'm aiming to see if I can run and may make it to the start line. The ironman is the priority so an injury at this point is not what I'm after and so shall errrrrr on the side of caution - I'm sure I can find another half to do if I get desperate enough!!
Would update number of rest and "lazy" days too but don't have sporttracks on this laptop (I'm getting my stats from my RunSaturday site - I know, kinda sad and kinda geeky all at the same time). Also a recap on "other stuff" which I am now including in my training hours (because it makes me feel good... the increase in hours rather then the pain say from a sports massage!)
I've got a bit of travel coming up this week and next - so I'll need to adapt to that in my schedule too.
Also had a great chat with the coach, he has some very sound and postive suggestions - the first of which is that the training plan as such shall start after Reading as that has been my focus through the last couple of months since returnig from Bolivia. Having said that with the injury (which I've not yet fessed up to), I may be doing more cycling now then running!! We will see..
Ok lunch break over - better get on with some of the real stuff which pays the bills!


  1. sorry about the run injury. hope you get that sorted out soon.

  2. Those ankle/achilles things are a pain! Heal up well!!

  3. I am really impressed with your training. And inspired.