Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snotty Monday

I sit here with tissue to hand, because of a runny nose I may add... but don't worry I'm over the worst I reckon and thus not likely to sneeze on the screen (Eughhhhhh ok too much info)...

So a quick one then..... I'm getting better at those....

- I got a good long ride in on Saturday! Yeah... now the longest ride of the year, a neat 58 miles! Felt good and, had I been able to run, I felt like I had enough to have gone out later in the day. Instead I went out for Pasta joining the pre-half marathon feast with friends.

- Woke up Sunday as the snot monster from the deep dark sea..... So turns out sometimes things kinda work out. I wasn't running the half marathon because of the injured footy/ leggy thing which was as well. Had I been fit I'd have tried to do it and with the cold I woke up with that probably would have been unwise.... I wouldn't have PR/ PBd, I may have DNF either way it would probably have been a bad experience as I know I would have tried and not done the sensible thing of not running! So actually in a perverse kind of way I'm glad I was injured (if you get my drift!)

- Having been interviewed by the cat protection league (charity) to see if I'm a suitable home for a new furry friend I'm still waiting for the letter to say I've been accepted on to the wait list.....



During the half marathon I took advantage of the free physio on offer (whilst the runners were running the tent stayed open so I didn't disadvantage a runner if you get me).... anyhow - they diagnosed the problem as plantar fasciitis... OH MY.. .that can be a problem.... and BOY did the underfoot treatment (massage) HURT... OUCHY!..... so I've got a full appointment and start treatment this saturday (AGHHHHHH) but I'm doing self massage and ice (like I'm treating tendinitis) and, well I'm convincing myself it's feeling better but I'm not quite sure.

Did I menion my severe leg nightcramps too... been having them for a month and have been getting annoying (well who wants to wake up with toes and/or calf on fire)?! Well I had them and figured, what with the training, that I may go and speak to the doctor and have some blood testst (Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium levels etc)... BUT THEN I had a think about what had changed in the last month (other then the training) which may have contributed.... Then realised I'd started work and my intake of DECAFF COFFEE in particular has rocketed... Some research indicated this could be the problem (decaf can cause you to excrete more of those minerals/ salts and also inhibit your absorbtion of them)... SO I have dropped all decaf and caf coffee since last Thursday and night cramps have STOPPED! So at least that is progress!...I'll take a breath now....

Think that's it.

No training last Sunday because that was monster nasty cold day. Still crappy Monday, and I'm older and wiser to know not to push so took that off too ;O).... Did do a 45min turbo session this morning, but like the books say, kept HR in the low zone 1 so no stress but at least some technique work :)

Time to get refocused. Time to get healthy. Time to heal footy!

It's all about time it seems :)

Waffle and mind dumping blog entry over!


  1. Kirsty Dawn Reemanator11:06 pm

    You can roll a frozen bottle of water under your foot to massage this one, (thus also icing it at the same time) :-)

  2. getting healthy is most important.

  3. That footy/leggy thing can be a b*tch fo sho... I'm glad my legs don't cramp while training. I WILL NEVER SURRENDER MY COFFEE :-D

  4. Yes, I'm back to blogging. :-) I hope your stuffy nose is better soon.