Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Thursday!

So I was going to go with the "Three things thursday" title but figured I may go beyond three... hummm.. but it is Thursday so here's some points;

  • I had a really good training weekend last weekend. Coming off the back of probably a couple of "easier" weeks and the fact I had a FLAT on my commute to work Friday so my bike didn't get done that day, probably meant I was quite fresh... but on Saturday I did a good 4 hour ride which included a couple of killer climbs - thanks to Leanne (who came up with the ridiculous suggestion of getting up on the bike at 7am), well thanks to Leanne and her hubby Dan we all headed out early (nearer 8.30 by the time we went).... we did a great 4 hour ride which I felt pretty good throughout and then a 3.5miles run after, which felt pretty comfortable too.... so all in all an amazing Saturday morning. This must mean my training is working :)
  • Sunday we had a street BBQ where I live which was due to start being set up at 11am - this meant I had to get up early again to get by bike hill reps in.... so I was up and out by 8am for a 2hr ride, again not a bad one. Then got home, popped to Tesco for supplies, cooked a bit of couscous up and headed all of 3metres from my front door to the party. It was great fun, and went in to the night and perhaps I consumed a little too much beer and wine and cupcakes!! but was fun!
  • Caribou the kitten is still proving very entertaining, although I'm glad to be seeing that Soros the cat is now not putting up a fight to the kitty, and now regularly slam-dunking him wrestler style and putting the kitty in his place.... although this is not stopping the kitten from regularly attempting a mugging!
  • I'm trying to change my training plan a little to get my long run in on a Tuesday evening rather then Wednesday morning so when I get my sports massage in on Wednesday evening the legs have had a little longer to settle down.... however this does rely on me getting out of the place of earnings at a decent time to get it in. So I'll see if I can pull it off or not, something to consider as the runs get longer though.
  • I'm really happy with my run pace; yesterday I lengthened my run period to 1.5miles and lengthened my rest to 45 seconds...... I still managed an average pace of 9.41mins per mile, I'm wanting to achieve around a 10min mile pace for the marathon if I can so this run/ walk thing may work yet
  • I've been giving tweeting a go these last few weeks - what is interesting about it is not the stuff I tweet (clearly) but the people/ tweets you can follow. I follow and thus get regular updates from DCRainMaker who does a really interesting blog, as well as the latest news in the world of triathlon from EverymanTri well of course a couple of friends having the odd tweet.
  • From a tweet I picked up on this guy who is making a really interesting swim, bike, run journey to Everest base camp. He started at the top of the river Thames and has already swam through my home town of Reading - he's currently nearing the end of his river journey - still a long way to go!!
  • I'm part way through giving my blog a face lift.... I have the day OFF tomorrow (mega YIPPEE WOOT) ..... so will try and find a couple of minutes in my hectic day of shopping schedule to do some housework on it.
So that ended up being eight things thursday then ;)


  1. Run/walk a marathon at 10 mm pace would be pretty awesome in my book. Keep up the good work!

  2. i like the new blog look!