Monday, July 12, 2010

Return of the Mo of Jo

Well I'm glad that that little period of MoJo MIA is over... phew

Back on it which feels good.

and what's more this IS the second entry in under a week (ok only just but still)....

... .on another note have any of you ever had a kitten... a couple of observations about CariBOU (Bou for short)

  1. How does he manage to sleep in such weird places and angles and still manage to defy gravity by not falling off arm chairs, backs of chairs (although sometimes he does)
  2. Why does he want to climb up the wall - he doesn't seem to have worked out that there is no grip on painted walls
  3. Just don't mention joint selant and his love for peeling it out and playing with it. Once he's through this stage I'm going to have to reseal all my windows and my front door
  4. Why does he want to chase my laptop mouse pointer around the screen (and climb over me and the keyboard at the same time).. .you'd think his toy mice were enough - but not for this little kitty!
At least he's grown some so is fitting his ears and eyes better!

Oh and as for my weekend of training....

Let's not mention the bikey hill reps in 80+ degrees (we are clearly in the middle of summer, I shan't complain as it'll be autumnal again next week knowing English Summers)

.... and let's not mention 5 * 15' bike intervals after an hour warm up on a just as hot sunday.... with a 20min run off it... just glad I saw sense and let my previous nights curry and beer go down and do the workout in the early evening!!!

This week is much the same (one day of swim, bike and run) a sports massage somewhere and then bike stuff at the weekend, and at this moment in time I can honestly say I can't wait :o)

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  1. Maybe Teh Kitteh had your mojo :-) Nice of them to share some back!