Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sick Sunday

Well I was thinking just the other day how I had been pretty lurgy clear with all this IM training.... did I think too soon? I hope not....

So Thursday I was a little late leaving work which meant my long swim at the lake turned into a frantic paced short swim. I squeezed in about 1.9k in my alloted 35mins..... got home with a nose completely blocked, figured that the pollen must have been laying low on the lake so had a bit of hayfever like... ummm slept badly because of the stuffed nose.

My Friday bike (1.5 hours) didn't get done, mainly because I was a bit disorganised and by the time I got home from the Tri Committee meeting I felt really pooped. So headed to bed early for a knocked out 8 hours of sleep. Because the swim was cut short Thursday I decided to head to the lake again for a longer dip on Saturday morning, before my 3 hour ride (with blurgh intervals and run off). This was non-stop swim; well 400m warm-up then 3*800m (yeah so non-stop that would be 2400m!..LOL).... My laps were something like 14:20, 14:58, 14: 50..... which I was quite pleased with. Headed home, felt pooped and despite a caffeine hit felt whacked and so went back to bed for more zzzzz's!!

Got up in time for the start of the ITU Dextro race coming from Hyde Park in London - which was a great distraction from the bike. Finally headed out on the bike; coach called for an hour warm up the 4*20min intervals with 5mins recovery. The first two went ok, but started the third and, well I just felt like I was going to barf. Not like my HR was high, not like my legs felt weak, I just felt sick... parched and sick... had been good with my water bottles... so decided to listen to myself and spun the wheels home rather then any intervals and as for the brick... huh.. yeah like right... not... so . Got back and felt really shivery (given it was in the 70s this wasn't right), so headed into a bath and then to the shop for some "I don't feel quite right supplies"... despite the kind offer of a bozzy night with the neighbours I declined and headed to bed early.

This time a net 9hour sleep before up for breakfast to see how the tummy held together.... had the food, felt tired so guess what.. headed back to bed for another 2 hours!!

Today was supposed to be a 4 hour steady ride. It's midday and I'm still in my PJs... don't feel as bad to be honest, just tired, really really tired which is weird. So I'm waiting to see what happens - either I'll head out for a gentle hour spin later or I won't.... at least it's given me the opportunity to do a blog ;) ... maybe it's something in the lake because Leanne has gone down with a similar lurgy overnight... hummm

On another note I'm now into the final countdown for Challenge Barcelona.... it's less then 10 weeks now (LIKE EK!)... and less then 70 days... (like double ek)... Flights are booked, accommodation is booked.... Excitement is building!


  1. I went to bed with a fever last night - was sooooo cold - woke up feeling better but tired too. Maybe we caught something from someone's blog?

    Feel well soon.

  2. stoopid lurgies! They need to wait till after the BIG DANCE!