Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two things Tuesday

Well it's two in two days so may as well make it two things Tuesday!

  • Bou has just worked out the catflap! Hurrah, although I'm concerned he won't work out the way back in.... time to find him a collar ahead of him being chipped!

  •  I was thinking of getting up early and head to the lake for a pre-work swim. But I slept with really weird school reunion type dreams (and they were weird), I think that was because I've had new doors which have just been painted - so they were paint smell induced dreams. Anyway, so I woke up and decided to blog instead! ;o) ..... I'll take my swimming kit (which I didn't use at the pool yesterday!) and my wetsuit and see if I can make it to the pool or lake after work. This of course presupposes I get out of work at a decent hour - I've had enough of 7pm finishes, and enough of the w word before I get on a full rant mode.
Two things Tuesday = Done 


  1. Yay Bou!
    (which seems oxymoronic)

  2. SLOW DOWN. I'm suffering from overload now :-0