Monday, September 20, 2010

3 week silence

Clearly writing race reports take it out of me ;)

Ha ha...

So given I'm now I guess in TAPER (like HOLY SHIT SO SOON!).... AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

I'm pleased to report I'm not panicking (HA HA HA.. such a crap liar).... but it's ok.. it's controlled panic as I know more then anything else I couldn't have done much (any) more then I've done given the demands of my job and my injured foot and those couple of weeks lost to skin regrowth when I came off my bike. So the hard work is done and now we wait. We keep away from anyone with any signs of a cold, eat healthy, exercise a bit... and try not to get too excited and/ or scared all at the same time ;)

Last three weeks have been good and bad. After little woody I went of to Club La Santa in Lanzarote for a mixture of holiday, chill time, good biking and nice swimming (in that lush 50m pool)... and yes ok a fair amount of oggling at the athletes which visit the complex (well why not ...ahem...)

I followed the La Santa trip up with one of my crapest bike rides ever. The plan called for a 4 hour ride + brick and I pretty much got the nutrition so wrong (over carbed) that it couldn't have gone much worse. Still I small tweak and I yesterday had a FAB 3hr ride (well actually went that fast it ended up being 2hr44) with a chilled 30min run off and everything felt A-OK.... phew! Actually yesterday was an awesome day - took myself down to the seaside to hook up with Anita (of La Santa camps and the odd race). We swam in ridiculous seas - at times I likened myself to a seal (but without the swimming grace) as I bobbed up on the waves hoping to get a sight of a buoy (or beach for that matter)... we had a hoot for 35mins or so and that was enough. Learnt a very valuable lesson for sea swimming - if you see green when you turn to breath likelihood is a wave is crashing over your head so DO NOT INHALE... umm I swallowed a fair amount of sea water yesterday - but the positive of this for race day is I won't need as many salt tablets ;) .... After that we became team CANNONDALE (bizarelly we had chosen the same top to ride in) and went out for a great rolling ride around Brighton and the south downs. I followed up with a 30mins run on the cliff underpass, Anita joined on her bike which clearly took her bike average speed down hugely ;)

Today I don't feel too whacked either, in fact I just feel tired and could happily swim/ bike/ run today if I had too. I'm taking this as a good sign.

Right - clearly not blogging for three weeks means a lot of witter on this one.. more to follow .. two weeks to go... actually one week 6 days (EEEEEEEEEEEeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk)


  1. LMAO... This is going to be a great experience for you! Try not to drink the water during the swim! :-)