Friday, March 04, 2011


... Or should that be fear less?

I did it today. I stopped. I've got out of the rat race (well at least momentarily!!!). Tomorrow is the start of something new, I know not what exactly. But that is the point.

So rather then wittier on about what I don't actually know yet (other then for my immediate future I plan on having some fun, education, take joy from my surroundings and be thankful for each day) ... I thought I'd just post the lyrics to the song which aptly was playing on the radio whilst on the way home from my local minimart (coop)....

Pink Floyd - Fearless

You say the hill's too steep to climb
Just climb it
You say you'd like to see me try
You pick the place and I'll choose the time
And I'll climb
The hill in my own way
Just wait a while for the right day
And as I rise above the tree lines and the clouds
I look down
Hear the sound of the things you said today

Fearlessly, the idiot faced the crowd
Merciless, the magistrate turns 'round
And who's the fool who wears the crown?
And go down in your own way
And every day is the right day
And as you rise above the fear-lines in his brow
You look down
Hear the sound of the faces in the crowd

You never walk alone, you never walk alone
walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
and you never walk alone, you never walk alone

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