Friday, April 15, 2011

March Stats

OK so this is ... err .. a little belated!!

I was supposed to do a half marathon in March but, quite sensibly I think, I withdrew. So March focus was really more about getting back into an exercise routine gaining enjoyment and not worrying too much about the session intensity or length.

Here are my summary stats;

  • Run - 14 - 50.5 mi - 8.7 hrs
  • Swim - 5 - 4.6 mi - 3.3 hrs
  • Bike - 4 - 77.5 mi - 5.5 hrs
  • Cross - 13 - 0.7 mi - 6.2 hrs
  • Total - 36 - 133.2 mi - 23.6 hrs

March started off slow - well it was my last week at work in the first week of the month ;) ... and then started to build... my weeks went something like this;

Week StartingRunningBikingSwimmingCross Training

28 Feb 1111.
07 Mar 113.623.52.00.0
14 Mar 1118.913.60.80.0
21 Mar 119.340.30.60.3
28 Mar 117.314.51.20.2

Week StartingRunningBikingSwimmingCross Training
TIME (Hrs)

28 Feb
07 Mar
14 Mar
21 Mar
28 Mar
Now this all pales into insignificance compared to my Ironman training but hey - I'm on early season/ maintenance mode. Having said that I do have this small matter of L'Etape Caledonia coming around in less the 4 weeks which is an 82mile ride in the Highlands of Scotland... given my complete lack of cycling this is going to come and bite me in the arse I reckon... so I'd better get out on to that saddle or I may well cry!!!!

This month so far is definitely feeling more consistent, although my bike is still lacklustre... MUST TRY HARDER.

My swim is coming along ok - getting back into the swing of it - I've set myself a target of a minimum of 2*30min swims per week although lately I have managed to get to club swim for a longer session.... surprisingly I posted a new 200m PB at club swim on Wednesday night... 3:25.. which is dreamy... !!

Running I have much work to do on... I am redefining my running, having been enlightened from a variety of sources (especially Brain training for runners), I'm focusing currently on technique more then I am either pace or distance.

So March was a nice bit of maintenance/ habit forming. April is about consistency and re-establishing my base for the start of the official 6month programme leading to Vegas!!

Right - with that I think I ought to get out on my bike... ;)

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