Monday, May 09, 2011

April Stats

So the end of my maintenance phase/ getting back into regular training really .... clearly somewhat interrupted by the pre-Easter road trip a little bit, my main aim was to try and get back on the bike - given I hadn't really been on it much at all during the winter months and since Challenge Barcelona in October... and given I have the small matter of Etape Caledonia errr next Sunday I thought I'd better at least ride a couple of times!

The numbers speak thus;

  • Run - 9 - 25.9 mi - 4.1 hrs
  • Swim - 3 - 3.1 mi - 2.2 hrs
  • Bike - 11 - 203.5 mi - 14.1 hrs
  • Cross - 6 - 2.1 mi - 3.5 hrs
  • Total - 29 - 234.6 mi - 23.9 hrs
Clearly topping 200 cycling miles falls into the category of "ok"... and actually was more bike miles then January+February+March!! Ha ha ha! However my max ride was a measly 43 miles, and given Etape is 82 I think I shall find this outing a little bit emotional !!!.... Nevertheless if all else fails I shall be lassoing my bike to the seat post of Jules and getting a tow (just don't tell him that yes?!)... 

Probably best not to mention the run hours as these halved from the previous month - but then I did have a silly weekend of running lots in March and also I've been trying to concentrate on the bike and also gain a better running style/ technique... so 4 hours of running I guess falls into the category of "satisfactory"

... Probably best not mention the swim then which definitely is in the "must do better" side of things. I'm happy though that my swim sessions are now of the 45min + variety so base work ok.

Cross training has been some intense body balance sessions, the last couple of weeks of April I clearly missed out on. I've found these really helpful though for both core stability and flexibility so where as I may not feel I get an aerobic work out (something us triathletes long for), I know these are very useful and so am going to make a concerted effort to get in at least once a week once my Vegas programme starts up.

May has started a bit slowly if I'm honest - but with the bike ride on Sunday my bike mileage for the month should be at least 82miles!!! :)

Aim for May is consistency in all 3 disciplines + body balance + review of nutrition

Beginning to feel the rumble of excitement, let Project Elvis commence :)