Sunday, June 12, 2011

What the...

OK so I hadn't actually appreciated it's been over a month since my last blog.... LIKE WHOOPS!

But I have no excuse today as I'm supposed to be doing a lovely cycle sportive I did last year but am a DNS due to a vicious bout of the dreaded lurgy, over the worst but currently sound like I smoke 80 a day and so exercise is probably off the agenda for another couple of days yet - probably as well as I should be getting on with some study!!

However - that is not the topic of this brief post... NO... I thought given the last post I did was monthly stats then I may as well do some monthly stats again (as it's been that long!!)... and yes Jules, before you say.. I do owe the race report for Etape Caledonia (I did say I'd take a month yes?!)

So here goes... drum roll please..... (assuming these graphs come out this time...which actually they didn't.. so no pretty pictures just numbers....)

Run - 8 - 27.2 mi - 5.4 hrs
Swim - 6 - 5.4 mi - 3.7 hrs
Bike - 7 - 264.7 mi - 16.4 hrs
Cross - 12 - 0.0 mi - 8.2 hrs
Total - 33 - 297.3 mi - 33.6 hrs

Swim: Surprised to see that I did increase my swim mileage and feel quite pleased for that. Clearly I'm not setting any records but swimming more is a plus. What I ought to be heading for now is at least two swim sessions a week, I would say that would have been my aim for June but given I'm completely under the weather then this is not going to happen. However I shall make it a target for July.

Bike: An increase in bike mileage is good to see but done over less sessions, whilst this means I'm cycling further per session I am not getting consistency with only 7 bike sessions in the month. Again I should be having 2 if not 3 bikes in a week. July this will be my target.

Run: OK so I'm quite happy that the running is picking up again.... ok small increase from last month but the runs are getting longer and feeling ok (not GREAT but definitely on the better side of ok)

Cross: I did achieve a couple of body balance sessions during the month as well as some core, flexibility and hip/ hamstring stabilisation/ strengthening gym sessions. Also contains both receiving and giving some sports massage (which all counts in my book). So whilst this may not by a tri event as such I think I should be benefiting from this.

My aim for June now is to recover from this virus properly and get back into regular sessions, 5 days without training already feels too much and I doubt I'll be up to much for the next 3-5 days other then maybe some low level core/ flexibility work. Patience is a virtue and all that. I also need to concentrate on completing my Open University courses too as these are due fairly soon!! .... and to get about 4 sports massages in a week... so anyone want a free one of those just drop me a line!!

... oh and as for the nutrition bit - humm well I'm writing this with one hand in a pack of Minstrels... enough said ;)


  1. You should add "number of blog posts" to your monthly stats. hahahahahahaaha

  2. I just find it hard to be motivated if I don't get to read you blog. and no, archives don't help...