Wednesday, August 03, 2011

July stats!

Well at last! Despite a sinus sniffle at the beginning of the month I have finally put together a month of training.... hurrah for that.... had enough of bugs and lurgies so fingers crossed and touching wood I've finally kicked them in to touch :)

Here's the highlights...

Most biking miles put in since July last year :)
Most running miles since August last year :)

The lowlight was definitely in the swim with a paltry 3 visits to the pool/ lake (I seem to be missing one off my log below but I couldn't have miscounted... could I?!?).... and I can feel it both in my arms (weak) and see it in my times (slow)... I can see some irony in this given the swim on my 'A' race will be the longest I've ever done at 4k... hummmm .... so I have some ear plugs (keep the bugs out of my ear at least)... and aim this week to go and swim three times... which will mean then that by the end of Saturday I will have swum as many times as the whole of July!.... oh...hummmm...  this time last year I was swimming between 10-14 miles a month so I shall give myself a target of say 12 miles and see where I can get to this month.

So here's the totals.....

July 2011
  • Run - 10 - 58.2 mi - 10.0 hrs
  • Swim - 2 - 3.7 mi - 2.0 hrs
  • Bike - 10 - 308.8 mi - 21.1 hrs
  • Cross - 6 - 4.6 mi - 1.6 hrs
  • Total - 28 - 375.3 mi - 34.7 hrs

So for August my aim is to maintain the consistency... and attain some consistency in swim!! I have a middle distance (1.9k, 100k, 20k) race at the end of the month (Little Woody), which I won't be tapering for.... so that will be interesting!

Run Time by month
Run Distance by month
Bike Time by month
Bike Distance by month
Swim Time by month
Swim Distance by month

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  1. what? You actually have July stats?