Sunday, October 16, 2011

Never Enough

So I'm three weeks away from race day.... well actually I'm 2 weeks and 6 days to be precise and I'm having that moment when I consider what I've done and panic about what I haven't done.

I could have, should have but didn't do more training. Although I've not been working and I didn't want to become simply obsessed and my life ruled (ruined?) with just training I seem to have put in less hours per week of training then last year - but then last year I was training for an ironman and this year I am not.

For the ironman I averaged something like 9 hours a week of training. This year I'm guessing I'm around 8. ... and let's not forget in this training cycle I missed almost a month of training due to the flu/ virus during June. At least that was nearer the start of the training plan rather then middle of worse still now (crosses fingers and touches wood that I stay bug free for the next 3 weeks!).

So although I'm stressing I know I needn't or more rightly shouldn't. What is done is in the bank, what hasn't been done shall not be deposited in the bank and that is that. I think I should finish before the cut off - dependant on how long it takes me to get up that darn hill at the end section of the bike ( ... and then there's always the hills on the 30k run course which I won't mention either.


I have done what I can. I don't think you ever feel you've done enough. So I just need to have faith that what is in the bank is enough for me to withdraw come race day to see me to the finish line.

One more week of some good quality sessions then on to taper... and travel. Vegas awaits :)


  1. best wishes. it's taper time now!

  2. Best of luck. Having the right nutrition plan will play a significant part in your successful day.

  3. what kind of crazy ass distances is that :-O LOL...

    wait, you only trained 9 hours a week for Ironman. Dayum girl... you're one tough cookie.

    Let's give our best!! enjoy your taper