Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Plan, well kind of.....

So what next?

Actually I haven't figured that out the big picture exactly yet... BUT for 2012 I'm thinking at least more triathlons - 2011 wasn't too successful given I actually only took part in two races... one I DNF'd and the other the swim was cancelled!!

So in order to ensure I get at least ONE triathlon in I'm going to do at least one sprint!!! I may even push the boat out and do an olympic distance as it's been a few years since I did one of those too!!

I've entered the local Reading Half Marathon which I've not finished (either DNS or DNF) the last couple of years.. and actually given that is only 12 weeks away on Sunday I really had better think about getting some more focused training in - rather then random but enjoyable training I'm doing now!

I also want to do a couple of other running events - the New Forest 10 - an off road trail race which I did last year... a really enjoyable trot in the countryside..... and I may try and target a late half marathon for a PB attempt... my current half PB is something like 1:58 done a few years ago at Reading.

I'm eyeing up a relatively local (so no extensive travel) half ironman distance event - which would be late June....

I oddly find myself thinking about Ironman.... but not this year, probably not next year... but sometime when the memories of 2010 and the training required for going long have faded a bit more (and my family and friends have forgiven my absence from last time!!!)

The key aspect to 2012 is to enjoy what I do - which is always my aim - but to ensure my life/ work/ tri life is all in balance, stay healthy and hopefully injury free.

Given I'm a stato geek I've been reviewing training diaries and will probably stick with ZoneFive's SportTracks software and am looking at downloading the latest version to test and pay for (it has been freeeeeeeeee in the past and I've used it extensively - but the plugins now cost £££ and so it all adds up - just want to make sure it is VFM compared to other things on the market - such as training peaks etc)

Online community wise I have dipped in and out and in again on RunningFreeOnLine but think I may just stay with DailyMile for something light and easy... whatever I end up sticking with I'd like it to be light and easy, not clunky or prone to hangs.... so if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears... I like online community "stuff"....

I'm also going to help out some friends of mine who are doing an awesome bike ride for charity - 200k in two days, whilst aiming to lose 50kg between them! If you want to read more take a look at Jen's blog and Sarah's blog..... this will be a real, but very achievable, challenge for them both and a fabulous journey I'm sure!

Time to dust of the cobwebs and start having fun - who said Friday 13th had to be unlucky!?


  1. Looking good - best of luck with 2012!

    I used to use Zone Five, but switched to after it went to pay only. Haven't looked back, so might be worth looking into that as well...?

  2. There's a lot to be said for an "off year", but running a lot is hardly "off", as I found out :-)

    Still debating about a 2013 Ironman myself. Market is getting full of them though, so lots of interesting choices!