Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to Work

Well Monday came, three and a bit weeks post op and it was all a bit of a shock if I'm honest!

Having had dodgey ears the week before along with the sore stomach and stuff I took myself to the Doc's for a quick pre-return to work check up..... anyway... he decided I may well have a ear/ sinus type of infection and duly prescribed some antibiotics... which i duly took and after a couple of days I felt so ill I decided to check the "side effect" list... clearly displaying most of these and feeling kind of rotten I did the thing I know I shouldn't necessarily do (as it makes bacteria more resistent to antibiotics)... and stopped forthwith!

So, from a combination of post op, ear/ sinus bug, anti-antibiotics etc I went to work on Monday and pretty much felt like a really giddy goat all morning - and I mean really really dizzy.... and somewhat spaced out.... however by the afternoon I felt a bit more with it and even managed to do a full day... albeit with a puffed up and a bit of a sore tummy by the end.

Monday night I slept for about 10-11 hours!! I guess you could say going back to work took it out of me a bit, even though it is just a sit at your desk type of job!

Still Tuesday I managed to do slightly less hours (mainly because I was so pooped!) and Wednesday I worked from home (as we had a BT engineer installing fibre optic broadband... this has just come to our area and has moved us from 0.4Mbps (yes you read that right 0.4 !!) to 40!!!... I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this is)... anyway... Wednesday I worked from home which meant I could move about a bit more and get comfortable. I also got a massage in on Wednesday afternoon/ evening just to help flush out some of the chemicals which are probably floating around my system from the operation (apparently all that crap takes a few months to be gone... )...

Anyway.... by the time Thursday came I found myself getting in to work before 9, having about 15mins break (to go for a walk around the lake at work) and then working to gone 7pm.... so normal mad work hours seem to have resumed... I must be feeling better ;o)

Luckily the Pope and I had planned to have a long weekend off this weekend; I was supposed to be racing up in the Lake District doing an Olympic distance race.... clearly I'm not doing the race and we decided to have a staycation, remaining at home for the 4 days so we can progress plans on the "Epic Adventure" front and save some money for the adventure!!!

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