Monday, September 30, 2013

September - The Month that was

Keeping this brief as gotta have my breakie and get into work!! Just done a "Do Yoga with me".com session to waken me up and I'm pretty sure I'll do very little this evening so time to get my stats up for September I reckon!

Here they are:
Run: Total 71.4km in 7hrs 21min
Bike: Total 138.1km in 5hrs 41mins
Swim: Total 0.75km in 15mins
Other Stuff (Yoga, stretching, core etc) 3hrs 55mins

When I did my last blog I wrote these aims for let's see how I did...
"My aims for September are;"
1. Survive my first quarter end at work!
I have one more day of this to go.... I will report back tomorrow.... I have felt like a duck paddling frantically against a tough river flow at times but that was always going to be the way!! Can't wait for tomorrow ;)
2. Whilst I accept I shouldn't go back to my running plan (I think I have missed too many key session in the last month), I want to get back to running consistently  3 times per week and want to get my long run towards the 2hr mark (the half marathon is 6 weeks away)
Kind of managed this.... I have run more km's in September and ran 3 runs in a week twice, 2 runs once and then blew it out last week with just one run - but that was largely because I did my longest run so far the weekend before (10.7m) and my car was in the garage so biked in slightly more.
3. I was good with my core and stability work in June and July and this has fallen off the side of the planet - so I want to get on average at least 2 short (10-15mins) of core in a week. Doesn't sound like much and I know it will be of benefit
This was still feeble but did manage more sessions then the previous month... and did a lot more yoga which I think will help.4. Make sure I start doing some regular "anti-sitting" stretches in. I can definitely notice the difference in my posture since I'm now sitting down for most of the day.
I have done more yoga but I still feel crocked from sitting all day. I have been trying to get up and walk more regularly at work even if it's just to the printer and back.... but think I could do with just doing a 10min stretch in the evening.. my hamstrings have always been tight but they have now got ridiculous - it's a miracle I can walk let alone run... 

My aims for October are basically to complete my half marathon and recover from it!!... actually I should have more then that, so will put my mind to some mini goals and do that in another blog... for now it is time for breakfast then off to work for final day of quarter end (clean up day "what the hell happened" is tomorrow!)

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