Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Goals and Ramblings

Gosh! Already on the 12th... so ... I have been thinking about October aims ... and have been dithering a bit because I have a half marathon tomorrow ... yes the 13th unlucky for some....

My thoughts with the half marathon are a bit mixed.... let's get the negatives out the way first;

1. First and foremost I think I really made a mistake giving blood two weeks ago. I really didn't think about it but my runs haven't been great since and my training was already a little less then ideal.... So I'm quite nervous about being able to go the distance at all. My longest run was three weeks ago which was 10.7miles.... since then I did a 5 mile (felt truly awful, 4 days after the blood giving), 6.8miles (last weekend, went slower but still felt awful) and 3.2miles on Thursday.... 

2. The weather forecast looks absolutely awful - now I don't mind running in rain but in my mind this race was going to be happening on a lovely autumnal day - a bit like today in fact.... but we are scheduled for a deluge between 9am and 1pm.. the race starts at 9:30... 

but on a positive note....
3. The reason I entered this race in the first place was to get me out and training again.. and whilst I managed lots more focused training before my new job started (well I wasn't working so had no excuse!)... I've still probably done about enough to get by - although it is likely to be quite a tough finish.

4. I have some family and friend who may be willing to suffer the weather to support me (and the several hundred other competitors)... so that will be cheery... and after the race my parents are taking us out for lunch... free food is always a good motivator even when you are 43!!

So my plan tomorrow is to go along and see what happens.... it is a figure of 8 type of course - the first 6.5miles flat and scenic as we go down some country lanes and back up the Thames path.... I think if I feel completely awful by the time I get back into Henley I will have the option of stopping and accepting it isn't my day - and I'm ok with that as an outcome.... but if I feel ok then I will go out on the next loop - which has a nice long 1.5mile hill rep in it... so really of the 6.5 miles I have 1.5miles uphill and 1.5miles steep down... the rest is pretty flat so assuming my lungs survive the up and the toenails survive the down then I can run walk my way in.... lashing rain or no lashing rain!

This was the first half marathon I ever did - when I entered I hoped I'd be good for going quicker then the time I did in 2007 which was 2:10:21 (not chipped, my logbook says more like 2:07) .... however now actually I'd be more then pleased just to finish and accept this could well be my Personal Worst half marathon result... we will see....

My other aims for October are;
1. To recover from the race well, regardless of what distance I end up covering (ie even if I DNF)
2. We've entered a 10k off road race in Suffolk at the end of the month; I've never been there so I'm looking forward to enjoying a relaxing run in a new part of the UK - it will be good to go explore it.
3. Carry on with my Yoga, finding this a great start to my day, so getting in 1-2 sessions a week has been enjoyable
4. Find a solution to my "where am I going to swim" problem... given I've entered a half ironman next year I really ought to get back in a pool somewhere which is conveniently located but also not rammed so you can get a good workout in.

Before we know it it will be November!

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