Friday, October 18, 2013

Race report - the really short version

Yep there isn't one!! OMG... !

Woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit sicky but figured that was probably pre-race nerves, wasn't quite sure why I was so hot but figured that was probably hormones....
.... then I looked over at the OH who just said "I think I poisoned us"... couple of bouts of sickness during the night whilst I slept albeit with really weird dreams involving stomach ache...

Anyway - I did a quick reassessment and decided I didn't want to bother risking it - and let's face it the weather was horrid in a very autumnal way.... We spent the day drinking water and letting things pass.... as it were... and so didn't do the planned half.

Slightly annoying but I am ok with it - as we got nearer to the start time of the race I was feeling pretty lousy so expect had I tried I'd have been in every porta-loo and behind every bush! Not sure if it was the food we ate on Saturday night or just a bug as Monday I still felt sick with a sore throat - although by Tuesday I was sort of ok again.

Psychosomatic or just psycho?!...

Had it been a half ironman I would gone to the start line at least, but given it was a half in Autumn well - nevermind! We have a 10k off road event a week on Sunday which should be great fun.... half the distance and more fun sounds like a good deal to me :)

Given one of my October objectives was to recover well from the race I think I can tick that one off at least :)

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  1. Too bad you were feeling crummy, but there's always another race opportunity! Hopefully next time you'll be feeling well enough to start!