Tuesday, November 05, 2013

October Stats

Here they are:
Run: Total 54.0km in 5hrs 43min (down from Sept)
Bike: Total 161.2km in 6hrs 21mins (up from Sept)
Swim: Total 1.0km in 30mins (err... yes up from Sept)
Other Stuff (Yoga, stretching, core etc) 5hrs 04mins (up from Sept)

Overall about the same amount of time; less running (Boo!) but more biking (hurrah!)...

Here were my aims;
My other aims for October are;
1. To recover from the race well, regardless of what distance I end up covering (ie even if I DNF)... 
Worse then that - I didn't even start but at least I did recover well!
2. We've entered a 10k off road race in Suffolk at the end of the month; I've never been there so I'm looking forward to enjoying a relaxing run in a new part of the UK - it will be good to go explore it.
Errr.... well I didn't enjoy a relaxing run but did endure some self flagellation... but did enjoy the scenary and did enjoy the sausages, mash and gravy, and beer afterwards... some some success I guess.
3. Carry on with my Yoga, finding this a great start to my day, so getting in 1-2 sessions a week has been enjoyable
I did manage 1-2 sessions a week so well done me!! :D ... .although note I haven't done any yoga yet this month.... 
4. Find a solution to my "where am I going to swim" problem... given I've entered a half ironman next year I really ought to get back in a pool somewhere which is conveniently located but also not rammed so you can get a good workout in.
I think I have this worked out - combination of my local pool one evening a week and a pool quite close to work which I now need to join as a member in order to swim early.... once done I may even see my swimming go up from 1k a month to something more like that * 2 a week!!

November has started slowly - largely because I have a cold... yesterday I was a bit of a snot monster and just flopped around the place.. and today a cough monster... so depending on how I feel when I get home from work it'll either be an easy gentle run or just some yoga. Didn't swim yesterday as don't think it's fair to share my lurgy with a pool full of people! The only injury to note - well keeping an eye on - is I seemed to have twanked my knee last week - whilst squating down for something at the chemist I stood back up and YOUCHY!... screaming pain from my knee... not sure what has gone on there - did manage to jog a couple of miles on Friday (two days later) and bike on Saturday... knee is a little niggly from that so I think I must have strained something so maybe it is as well I have a slight cold as it's giving it some rest!

November aims to be blogged about next - and I'll let you in to a secret - Thanks to the wonders of Juneathon I am aiming to blog more this year then I did in 2010..... which means 5 more blogs Nov and Dec.... given my recent track record this could be a close one!

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