Saturday, November 01, 2014

No Longer a Battery Human

So I started with the whole coaching thing mid Sept. First week was a series of tests just to understand Heart Rate Zones (and in my opinion to ratify my current state of unfitness!)

It took me a good few weeks to get into the routine I readily admit it was a complete shock to the system.

I have several aims from being coached - none of which are performance related as I would expect that comes as a result;

1. Consistency in training - having a plan set by someone whom I then report back to motivates me to do it... it is simple as that... I want to be more consistent with my training (it has been random peaks and troughs in the past) and being coached helps me achieve that.

2. Get some balance - I think any hobby would achieve this - so rather then working from 8am to 6 to 7pm, I am instead doing something else with my time. I'm still working hard but not so long a day. I honestly think I'm much more productive at work (I'm tending to do my week day work outs first thing) and less stressed with all the tension a work environment can bring.. this makes for a happier me at work and at home - I'm no longer a battery human (you must just listen to that song once)... I AM FREE RANGE!

I also want to get fit enough again to enjoy middle distance triathlon - especially the run element. When I went to the long course worlds in 2011 whilst I was still one of the slowest runners there I was in a good place with my running and achieved what I wanted to - I want to get back to that feeling... This fitness will largely come out of point 1 I think. I already have a lot of trust in what my coach is setting me, although it is early days I know - but I'm enjoying the variety, the challenge and the consistency :)

Here's my stat graph (courtesy of SportTracks Mobi) for October;

Yes - you read this right.... 30hours of training... probably my biggest training month since I was doing Ironman training and even then I think this is close to the top of that. I've swum more then ever in a single month (really enjoying the challenge or all the different drills).

I did miss some workouts; mainly run as I have been nursing a sore leg, but also when I feel just totally knackered I'm resting - we all know how important that is.

So I'm excited about my new found triathlon hobby.... I'm enjoying being tested on my workouts and most of all I'm enjoying my Friday Pie and Chips even more then normal :)

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  1. Nice that you're getting so much more than performance out of the coaching!