Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Commuting to Staines

With my work office moving an extra 12 miles down the road you would think that that isn't much further to warrant any issues. Until you realise those 12 miles takes the office inside the M25 and towards Heathrow... Commuter belt from hell....  Given the last 15+ years all my roles in all the companies I've worked at have meant an 8 mile commute in various directions you can imagine the prospect of a drive towards London of about 20miles not too exciting in my book. But I love my job and the company I work for so nothing more to it then to give it a try.

Week 1 Day 1: 
I tried the public transport option. Now whilst I only live 3 miles outside a large town the bus service is 1 an hour except at 723 when there is another 20mins later (this must be for the rush hour). So I got the 7:23 which arrived at the station just as the 7:33 train pulled away (which I expected given the timetable)... Got myself a coffee and waited for the next train which was nicely on time. The 7:56 gets in to Staines at 8:28 and by the time I had walked down the platform and over the bridge to the exit the shuttle bus had left (promptly at 08:30) so I waited for the next which basically got me into work just after 9am... Having left my house at 7:15 this meant a 1hr45min journey - not the best and even being stuck in traffic it would be quicker (although likely to be more stressful). In order to make the bus journey on the way home I needed to get the 16:53 train (a very short day in the office) so getting the 16;40 shuttle thought it would be ok.... Except I got to the station as the train pulled away. The next train at 17:11 was slightly late so there was no hope of connecting with any bus the other end. A text home to confirm pick up required from Wokingham. I finally got home (with a lift not a bus) by about 18:00... So return journey was 1hr20mins which was better but involved no bus (the next bus was 50mins later.... I could have walked in that time had I been wearing the right shoes!)

Total cost £20, total time 3hr05min

Old journey total time 1hr and cost a couple of quid (we have a very fuel efficient car!)

Cost to the company as well.... Given the proximity of the last office my working hours tended to stretch out to 9hours a day.... Not so on day one .... 

Week 1 Day 2:
The drive.... Having spoken to various people it definitely is worth either coming in very early and leaving early or late late. For day 2 I decided to go for a morning swim before the commute so left after the rush hour (note the traffic is very light at the moment due to school holidays). I left Wokingham at 9am and using the Waze App on my phone was told the drive was clear and would be approx 40mins. So coffee in cup off I set. The drive was indeed a breeze and I got to work around 9:40 as predicted. I worked until 18:45 and Wazed my way home in 35mins (no traffic at all)

Total cost in diesel and wear/tear approx £5. Total time return journey 1hr 20mins. Working hours also extended to 8+

I would love to use public transport for the journey but clearly given the above two days evidence this is not the most efficient use of my time and resources. Thankfully we do have a very energy efficient and environmentally friendly car (as environmentally friendly a car can be). 

The remainder of last week I drove after the rush hour (ie late late days) which enabled me to get my exercise in in the morning before work, have a productive day at work and not a stressful, traffic engulfed journey.

Week 2 Day 1:
Still keen to asses public transport I decided that the bottle neck of last week was the bus service (lack of and timing) so I decided to get on my commute bike (including pannier!). Left home around 7:10 and could have made the 7:26 train had I not decided to get a coffee... In fact I could have made it even then but given there was another at 7:33 which would be emptier I decided to get that.... And then that train was late... But still I was at Staines by around 8:15 so plenty of time to make the 8:30 shuttle and so in to work by about 8:45. Journey time of 1hr35mins.... I think had I made the 7:26 I would have been on the work shuttle at 8 so in work by 8:15... This will be the quickest mode of public transport I think.

On the way back I still decided to again get the 1640 shuttle which was at the station in time for the 16:53!! In to Wokingham by 17:30 and by the time I lugged myself and pannier (now heavier with my laptop in) it was just before 18:00.... So home journey was  around 1hr15mins with good connections/ timings

Total time today 2hrs50mins cost £15:20 but with the added benefit of extra fitness and total of 30mins of heavy cycling!

Today I'm working from home, everyone is a winner except I like working in an office connecting with my colleagues in sales and operations is something not only do I need to do for my job but which gives me a sense of family at work!

Still to test out on my Staines adventure is; run commute (!! That is very keen).... Early early drive... And then I will test it all again once the schools are back.... The commute whilst kind of epic in time is fairly straightforward and not too stressful... The drive is not as bad as I feared so I'm hopeful this can work!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Juneathon Day 13

It may look like I missed day 12 but I actually reverted to desperate measures and captured it all in 140 characters of a tweet.... That was a close one!

This one will be brief too... Today I rode easy 30mins on my bike then gave it a clean and wipe down because tomorrow I race!

1.9k swim
90k bike
21k run

I'm hoping for something under 40 for swim, maybe under 35 if it goes well... Something around 3:15 to 3:30 on the bike and then hopefully survive the run... Assuming to GI issues then under 2:30 .... If I go under 6:30 I will be well chuffed... I'm still a long way away from my PB of 5:40... And maybe I will never see that time again!!!!

Still tomorrow is going to be fun if nothing else! In the words of  yoda... There is no try!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Juneathon Day 10 & 11

Well day 10 was so bereft of activity it barely deserves a mention.... Swimming was on my schedule but I'm fearful of having an ear issue before Sunday that I skipped it... And we'll because I had to be in at work be for 0830 so it wasn't going to happen before work and after work the adult swim time is after 8pm... So both these things just meant I was a bit of a juneathon no show for day 10.. I can't even claim extra steps from the car because I was wearing heels I parked closer! Loosely I will claim some toe yoga, about 5 Sun salutations (abridged version) and some general buttock clenching at appropriate (rather then inappropriate) moments......

So moving on swiftly to today ... Day 11 and a whole different story.... Despite the fact I have a race on Sunday I was shocked to see a multiple 2hr long total brick session appear in my schedule... WTF!... Not able to do 2 hrs before work I settled for splitting the session 1hr before and another hour when I got home.... The session was a mix of 10min bikes followed by either 5 or 15min run all done and a variety of paces. Needless to say I'm now knackered!!

So Juneathon Day 11 was 6 10 bike sessions and 6 run sessions (50mins total)... With transitions it ended up 2hrs...

So with that good night and happy damn nearly friday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Juneathon Day 9

Back to being a day late again... Noted...

Yesterday was umm Tuesday so I got my juneathon exercise in nice and early and did a pre breakfast 33min easy jog.... Well 30mins easy actually with a very hard flat out 3mins in the middle!!

That was it all done before breakfast... If only I could get my posts done so swiftly!!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Juneathon Day 8

Following hot on the heels of the pathetic day 7 post I thought I may as well carry on the motion and get to day 8... And so just over a quarter of the way through!

Woke early after a very restless night full of bad dreams.... Was I think just after 5 when a cat decided I should be awake! This should have given me plenty of time to get up and fit in my morning workout but somehow I still managed to not be ready for action until 7... And then I had bike sensor issues so actually didn't get going for another 15mins or so! Lucky then that my workout for the day was an easy 33min turbo which was 15min warm up and 15min warm down with a 3min max effort in the middle..... All whilst watching an episode of casualty!

Prescription for tomorrow is something similar but on two feet rather then a bike!