Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

I have a love and hate relationship with my work

Mostly I love my job

But the last few weeks, nah month ++  my work has really bitten my ass ... and I hate the fact my work has got really in the way of my life, for too many weeks now. I accept all jobs get a little nuts but I'm over it now... which is timed right as I think I see the light!!

I did Outlaw half on 1st June then, that week I traveled to Holland for a couple of days and was really ill for most of the week (bad water at the triathlon I think). The next week it was Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. The week after back to Holland... then we hit the nutty two weeks of quarter end followed immediately by half year planning. I feel like I've been doing an Ironman work wise for 6 weeks and frankly it has beaten me up. My exercise regime has gone to pot which doesn't help. We all know sitting at a desk and staring down a computer is not great for you - especially when they seem to be 10hours of staring at a time. BUT STILL .... like an ironman you keep moving forward and you finally reach the end (or you just blow up in an emotional heap... I've been close to that too)... I now however see the light at the end of the tunnel, we probably have one more week of very hard labour before it just becomes more reasonable rather then completely nuts!.. So it is time I start to think of myself again.... and my health, my diet and my exercise, getting some balance back and spending more time at home (rather then treating it as a temporary shelter).

During my reboot day yesterday (so determined in our house when you need to fully recharge batteries - commit to doing nothing in a reboot day, perhaps getting as far as the kitchen to make a cup of tea)... anyway during an awake moment yesterday I thought about a bucket list of sporting things I still want to do. The one thing I am still unsure of is my desire to do another full distance triathlon. I can't work it out. Part of me wants to give it another bash but part of is not so sure. It's not just the training commitment which I'm doubting but more my ability to put in the training required in my job. And as I love my job (most of the time) I'm not sure how this quandary can or will be reconciled.

I really enjoyed my half distance at Outlaw half - well enjoyed until I did the run anyhow. I kind of started training for this in December but only consistently hit my training sessions once we were back from holiday in March. I was really pleased with my swim and bike in the race.... I was not so pleased with my run, part of which was down to lack of form but the most part was down to an unbelievably upset tummy. Spending about 10mins in total in the portaloos on a hot day was not a great experience!! ... Given how much walking (and sitting) I did do on the run the good thing to come of it was my legs weren't too badly beaten up!! Whilst it was a PW half marathon is wasn't a personal worst on this distance, thankfully due to the relatively flat bike course!!

I'm not too sure right now what I want to try my hand at the rest of this summer. There is a half marathon in Suffolk (coastal trail series) which I will target for the end of October. Triathlon wise I should find another race - there is in fact a sprint next week I'm eyeballing... oh and I've entered a little 10k at the start of August... Hummm

So maybe next year at least I will look at doing one or two half distance races. One relatively local and lower key and maybe another which is a bigger event. I think I want to have a crack at the Magnificat Sportive again next year; I've missed the last few years and I've done it twice and it is a really fantastic and pretty route. I should really

The most important occasion for next year though is my better half's significant birthday celebrations. So whatever my short term goals for next season are they have to fit in around this!! Family is more important then any one race!

More to think about I think.. The immediate future though revolves getting back into a healthoer regime... starting off ok ok ending off with an evening meal of burger and chips tonight... healthy regimes are always good to start on a Monday aren't they!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Juneathon day 10 (-7)

Damn the blogger app for android losing my post from Sunday.

So to keep this short and sweet I'm in Oslo but did a 25min jog around a lake in Stockholm this morning... Huh... Yes well it was a beautiful morning and a lovely lake!

Have never been to Norway before, short hop over from Sweden... Both countries looked spectacularly lovely from the air!

May run in the morning but may do some core work and run instead Thursday morning, we will see.

Juneathon day 10 (-7) done

Monday, June 09, 2014

Juneathon Day 9 (-7)

Well first off I'm keeping this short and sweet as yesterday's blog entry which I did on my phone has been lost in the ether somewhere...

Currently with no race in the calendar to focus on I want to focus on building on the fitness I developed for Outlaw half. I'm travelling a lot again this week with no hope of getting in a pool until Friday or my bike until most likely the weekend. So my focus this weeks is on some short recovery runs assuming I can squeeze one or two in between flights, and failing that some yoga and core work.

I'm also want to focus on some hip opening work as well as glute strengthening, both of which should help my running form. To help in this aim I've signed up for a free 30 day plan with Kinetic Revolution. I started this, like Juneathon a week late but so far so good... In my world I've done day 2 of both!!

Summary for today;
10mins on FST hip openers
15mins with Kinetic Revolution

If I get some time tonight when I get to the hotel I may even attempt a bridge and a couple of press ups!

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Location:On a plane going to Stockholm

Friday, May 30, 2014

How did I go from March to May (ok June)

... without having done one blog - not one?!

I have been vacationing in some different universe I think.....

...No wait.... No.. I've actually been training (what?!).... OK so not a lot of training and actually that isn't my real excuse is it.. no I've just forgotten my blog existed...

Anyway - I'm here now - but only to say - I'm racing on Sunday.... I'm racing my first triathlon in over errr 2.5years... and actually that triathlon wasn't a triathlon because the swim got cancelled.... so if I think back; the race before that I DNF'd (I swam, I biked but I only ran 10k before going in an ambulance)... so when was the last race I actually did which had all three elements in it..that I finished.??...


Challenge Barcelona in 2010?! IS THAT RIGHT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS??


S'ok though... I mean I'm starting off again right? Like a phoenix from the flames I shall rise (out of the water), get on my bike and run a little after...).... I perhaps should have thought about this before now.... Too late - OUTLAW HALF awaits on Sunday.

Prepared - Kinda

Ready - Don't feel like it

Can I do it - Hummm I will, although I'm not expecting it to be pretty

No pressure; I don't feel in the best of shape compared to those years ago, but perhaps in about the same shape when I did my first middle distance triathlon in 2008... My plan is to swim and hopefully not freeze (it has been raining and cold for over a week now and the water temp is a balmy (not 16 degrees), to bike and hopefully not crash (there are speed bumps approaching T2 and we all know what happened before at another race with that featured)... and to run/ walk the half marathon. I'm hoping that the weather won't be truly awful and may even be quite pleasant (I live in hope)... Either way... if I keep moving forward with a smile on my face it will be "fun" yes?!

Monday, March 24, 2014

CTS Sussex Race Report

Friday night the weather promised to be sunny throughout - hurrah

Saturday morning we woke to a lovely blue sky spring day - hurrah

What we didn't realise was how cold the wind chill was, drove 2 hours to the coast and got out the car to have the warmth sucked out of me, so I chose to put on everything I owned whilst we registered and see what happened before I decided what to actually wear for the race!!

The venue for this Coastal Trail Series was the world famous Seven Sisters

Or to be exact the coastal path along them and some in land walk ways. I don't call these events "Races" as such as they are, as the organisers title suggests, "endurance" events... they are never going to be "PB" events, but they always guarantee amazing coastal views and usually some lung bursting climbs and thigh-blowing descents. Even "just" the 10k (which was 12.5k on this occasion) is an endurance effort, as for the half, marathon and ultras... well probably slighlty barking..

My plan for the event was to;
(a) ENJOY myself - especially remembering to take in the views
(b) WALK up anything which was either too steep or promised to be long enough to warrant a walk rather then run
(c) RUN LIKE A DOG down any hill - pinning my ears back and going for it (I did however try and keep my tongue in my mouth rather then lolliping around like a dogs).

I went in to the event pretty fresh having not done any Swim,Bike or running since Tuesday... (long days at work and feeling a bit wobbly led me to having a lazy Weds, total break Thursday, and busy Friday). So definitely feeling fresher for the days effort compared to the Ringwood Rabbit a week last Sunday.

The start was close enough to the car park to be able to register and wander back and leave all our warm layers in the car. I opted for t-shirt, long sleeved t-shirt, light jacket, buff and gloves to start with to help combat the biting wind.

We (the 10kers - all the other distances had begun quite a bit earlier) lined up along a narrow grassy track for the off... run back to the car park, through that then up a track to head on to the coastal path - the start was a bit congested, then spread out well up the track only to be thwarted at the top by a kissing gate - so the inevitable stop and wait as we all took our turn to go through - which was ok as gave you some time to get your breath back! Having negotiated that and another gate we found ourselves on the coastal paths, with clear skies, the views were thrilling - white cliffs and menacing seas or miles ahead! Beautiful! Despite my pre-race decision to run like a dog down the hills I found myself at the first couple taking it very very carefully - they were slippery mud on chalk and very steep - so decided better safe then sorry. We had a couple of cliffs to go down and up before turning right and heading in land. Almost immediately with the wind behind you it felt very warm - everyone around me at this stage started taking the odd layer or two off, myself included.

Buff, gloves and coat came off with the coat holding the others and itself wrapped around my waist. We were quickly (it seemed) at the first check point, I dibbed in and then grabbed myself  4 nice little jelly babies.. YUMMY!

Soon and another kissing gate later I DID get to run like a dog down hill through a field - had I realised it was like some sort of rabbit hole minefield I would have perhaps been a little more cautious! As it was a sprinted down to become an semi-out of control, arm wheeling, long legged middle aged woman avoiding rabbit holes in a manic sort of fashion... type of person.. the rabbit warren soon gave way to a chalky incline which you could only do single file - which meant walking as people ahead were.. and I was fine with that. Exciting chalk alley we got to the corner of the field and came across not a kissing gate, not a fence stile but a wall... which had steps up and over... but still a wall!... Needless to say this was single file so we queued up and over that... next more down hill!

RUN LIKE A DOG! Only to have to have to put the brakes on sharpish as we were on single track and the woman in front was phaffing with her headphones and not paying much attention (although was moving)... Found an oppotunity to pass and pinned back my ears again... this time to be thwarted by a gate - why do gates always have to swing towards you when you are running down hill like a dog?!... Anyway - that section was fun.. .through another kissing gate and back to the lane we ran up at the start... 8k done and we were sent back up hill towards a lighthouse and away from the finish line.. I was glad I had (a) been expecting this - because I had looked at the map and (b) knew beforehand that the race was 12.5k, not 10k - this fact caught a lot of people out.

Anyway - uphill (walk), downhill (RLAD), as we came over what I thought could be the last hill only to see another cliff ascent ahead... ah well... RLAD down and then bimble up ... thankfully most of this section the wind was behind you so even when you were walking you were definitely getting a helping hand! We reached the top and the split point - 10k turn and all other distances went onwards (on more like upwards).

Now all there was to do was RLAD about 2k down hill - WHOPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE! It really was fun, and I didn't twist my ankle in any rabbit holes either!

Gave it my all in the last few hundred metres, regardless of the headwind. Finishing in 1hr 23mins 11s. NICE!