Saturday, February 14, 2015

Janathon day - damn it...

Janathon came and went and I made it half way.... *sigh*.... started stumbling just due to work pressures and then I got flu so that just ended it all really... two and a bit weeks of being pathetic, although to be fair for 3 days I (well we actually because we both went down with it) had high fever, aches, pains and general nastiness ..... so that really wiped me out frankly.

Which brings me to actually the main topic of conversation for the blog which is a race report (gasp! shock! horror!) for Wokingham half marathon... I say race in a loose version of the word. Whilst there were plenty of people chasing each other and PBs there were (in turns out from several coversations on course) quite a few of us just seeing what we could do and enjoying a little run on a wonderful winters day.

Background then: This time last year I had an entry to Wokingham Half and had sort of done some focused run training.... then it rained (and rained and rained and rained) and the race was cancelled because the roads were under a couple of metres of water. The race was cancelled quite at the last minute so my friends who had entered still came up and we had a bit of a social gathering and fun run anyway. The good folks of Wokingham Half though carried everyones' entry into this years race (I guess they had an insurance policy which paid out).... So one year later and coming off the back of having flu and little to no training the preceeding weeks it was here again.

Now I confess - I was actually thinking running the race wouldn't be a terribly good idea. I had made it to 10miles a couple of times in my training but not for some weeks. With the flu I did nothing for two weeks - so I gave myself a test run of 20mins 9 days beforehand - recovered ok from that. Then the week before I did a long run - 8miles which took 1hr30... so was pretty slow and the thought of another 5 miles was frankly a little ludicrous.... BUT then I saw my training plan...

My coach - who does know best - basically had scheduled the race and basically said relax don't worry about it and enjoy it.... WTF

My thoughts... " Really - "enjoy" it.... Really.... Hasn't he seen all the RED missed session in training peaks... does he not understand how long it took me to do 8 miles... Enjoy... ennnnnjoyyy  PAH!.... sigh... but if he thinks I should that means he thinks I can so maybe I could ... OK THEN I'm BACK IN!!"

Friends arrived and my plan was to enjoy a day out. We were luckily blessed with stunning winter weather - cold but bright and glorious - if it had been dull, cold and raining I'm not sure the prospect of a 13 mile adventure would have been so enjoyable. My better half who was marshalling then text to say she would be at station 10 - which was a perfect place for a drop out at mile 10 if I needed. I wasn't feeling proud and given my state I did go into the run leaving myself options to bail out if I wasn't feeling it or if I felt unwell.

.. and so we gathered.. stripped off and put kits bags in tents - shivered and found a sunny spot in amongst the queue to get warm before the start! Jules was aiming for 1:30, Sue for under 2 and me for whatever it was - give my run the week before I was thinking 2;20-2:30 would be about right. My plan was to run at a comfortable HR, keeping it below or around 148 for the first half and then whatever... I had two gels which I planned to have around 7.5 and 15k. I had my Garmin on but the only view I was looking at was cadence and HR. Time and pace were not of any concern... and more then anything else... the aim was to ENJOY and do what I could.

Without a blow by blow account the following graphic kind of sums it up... Before the hill between mile 10-11 the only walking I did was vaguely just to have a sip of water....

Approaching the 10mile marker someone's phone went off announcing in a computersed female voice  "10miles in 1hr 47mins" .... and I have to say it totally pysched me out... Not only was there a bloody great big hill (ok slope but that the time it looked like a mountain) ahead of me but I literally thought "shit - it's taken me that long and I thought I was going ok, so it will be at least another 30mins"... so frankly it demoralised me quite some. And despite the nun who ran past me I doubted a bit and lost faith.... I took on some water at the aid station ... walked a bit on the up over the motorway bridge... jogged on and then .. because other people were.. I walked on towards the top of the hill. Hurumph... The Nun and I ran near each other every now and again which was quite good fun as they were getting some good support... but eventually I pulled away (relatively speaking)... I was now counting down the kms to the end... I played cat and mouse with several runners the last 2-3k which helped just keeping the rythm going... arriving towards the home straight I had a good shout out from some supporters from my Tri Club and further down from Jules (who had come an agonizing 40s outside his sub 1:30)... I trundled towards the line with my arms aloft very happy to have finished... only for a little lady to come flying past... well I wasn't about to be beaten on the line so we ended up sprinting together I'm sure I got the photo finish ;).... we ended up with the same clock time and had a laugh and gave each other a hug as we crossed the finish mats... it was quite a funny end.

I then turned my watch off and was more then a little surprised to see my final time was 2:11:42 ... so whilst not close to a PB actually much better then I thought and expected. Once downloaded I saw to my 10k time was a surprising 59:57 and more surprising 1:38:27 for 10miles... You can see my pace slowed quite a bit in the second half which is not surprising and my HR going higher as I carried on (no surprise there)

Ulimately I was very happy to have got out and tried and was very surprised by the result. My form however must have gone to pot the last few miles - I battered two toes such that I have two blue nails (yuk) and I spent the next two days walking down the stairs backwards (it was the only way)... So the coach was right ... the weather was excellent.... and we all had lots of fun. Jules missed his time by seconds few and Sue ended up somewhere around 1:55 having taken it easy - excellent result.

It was a good race and not massively busy which was good. Also the atmosphere and camaraderie for the runners around me was really great - so I thank them for their support as well as all those supporters on the course.

Apparently my coach thinks I will be able to run 1hr 30 tomorrow.... he is hilarious.... but I have been walking forwards down stairs for a few days now so who knows - there is only one way to find out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 13


I woke up. It was raining. I snoozed.

I got up. It was raining. I fed the cats.

I sat down (for light breakfast). It was raining. I ate.

I waited. It stopped raining. I got changed into running kit.

I went outside and ran 5k easy in 31 mins and I didn't get wet!!!!

I went to work. Late.

But it's ok because I came home from work even later!!

Good night all!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 12

Very nearly forgot to blog as it was some time ago that I actually did something today other then staring at a spreadsheet!!!

Woke up with a swim in mind but a fear for new year swimmers. After the mayhem in the pool on Saturday afternoon (yes it was the adult only swim session), I feared for a repeat this morning..... The swim Gods however shined their light down on me... Apparently it had been manically busy but when I arrived I arrived in a lull!! Started off with just two (yes 2!!!) in the lane which hit a max of 5... All of which was fine.... Starts getting a bit awkward at 6 people and above that just silly (lack of lame discipline and etiquette) .... So I was very lucky indeed.

My swim set was made up mostly of sets differing in lengths and intensity... Plan was for 2600m and whilst I followed my plan (so I thought) when I got out of the pool and hit stop my watch told me I'd done 2500m.... I somehow managed to miss a small 100m easy set in the middle!!

Anyway... I did my swim, got changed and got a coffee on the way out to slurp on the way to work.... To commence yet another manic week at work... Not that I had much of a non working weekend mind.... But still the light is hopefully at the end of the planning cycle tunnel as the deadlines are now all!!! It's like a train of swimmers all getting to the end of the pool at the same time... ie it could get messy!!!

Janathon Day 12 Summary.... 2.5k swim
Jantastic weekly log: 1 swim of 1 committed... Tick

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 11

Just been watching the Packers Game!!! Great game... Well I would say that given the Packers won.... Although to be honest I don't understand why the catch was not a catch... The result could easily have gone the other way.... Still now off to Seattle.... I love Seattle.... So if Green Bay don't win I will be supporting the Sea Hawks in the final.... But I'm hoping to see green and gold at the Super Bowl this year.

anyway.... This post is supposed to be about Janathon really.... Had on my plan a 2.5 hour ride but also needed to do some work and wanted to rest a bit today.... So I opted for a one hour turbo session because (a) it was shorter and involved less phaffing with cold weather kit... And (b) I'm thinking about doing the Tour of Sufferlandria at the end of the month and if I'm to do that then I thought I'd better get an accurate FTP.

So Janathon torture of the day was 1hr turbo, including 20mins super threshold interval.. Bleah!!!

Despite managing to keep to my Janathon commitment (albeit with a couple of days just easy stretch, core or yoga), I do feel right now my tri training is falling short of my planned sessions. I'm trying not to give myself a hard time because I'm working all the hours during the week and partially at the weekend at the moment and will be for another 2 weeks... So I'm trying to not get frustrated and accept it. At least I'm ticking over even if I'm not getting any fitter/faster....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 10

Pretty much a third of the way through... Will I make it I wonder?!

Today started off very slowly... For two, no, three reasons....

Firstly due to high winds forecast all club rides for today were cancelled last night. So with no club ride to hustle out of bed for I saw no reason to hurry

Secondly it has been a very long working week this week and with little time off over the Christmas period as well I decided I could do with extra chill time in bed. Snoozing, coffee and croissant were the order of the morning

Thirdly I may well have had a glass of wine too much last night (I am a light weight) so my head felt wooly!!! Thankful for excuses 1 and 2!!! Ha ha ha

When I finally got my arse in motion I decided rather then turbo today I'd have a run and possibly swim (!!!) day. So around lunch time I headed out into the blustering wind and fortunately avoided any rain. Had a nice little 10k run over the hill (but not quite far away) ... So it was a windy and lumpy 10k. Mostly quiet trails and lanes though and only the odd fallen tree to navigate around. I literally had a lovely time! .... Although my hamstrings won't tell you that as they are now a bit tight and sore!!

Spent a few hours this afternoon doing some work and decided them to head to the pool for a swim session (missed from Thursday) ..... Oh my the pool was really busy... As busy as it gets with people in the morning sessions... But slightly worse as there were some angry chaps and blissfully ignorant swimmers (ie not paying attention despite the busy pool and not letting people pass at the turns)... The blissfully ignorant seemed to be winding up the angry ones without even knowing.... And then there were the kickers ... In the fast lane.... Now I'm not being funny but that is just completely stupid.... Unless of course you are an Olympic swimmer in which case you could probably out kick all the crawlers in the pool!!! Anyway... To be honest it was pretty chaotic so I did some drills and shorter reps in a quieter lane and only moved to the fast lane when I got into 200m sets. Alas I didn't get to finish what I started as the pool closes at 6:30 on a Saturday... Which isn't too bad... But what with the crowded pool I got something like 2k and 45mins of actual timed activity in my hour long soak!!!

Still... Got home and put on the pie and chips which were scheduled for last nights dinner!! No power cut can keep me from Friday pie for too long!!! 

All in all not a bad day!!! And a double dipping Janathon day!!!

Janathon day 10 summary
Run:     10k. ... In about 62 mins
swim      2k.... In the pool for an hour (about 45mins of swimming and lots of waiting for a gap!!! Ha ha)