Monday, October 30, 2006

A week gone by

So - I did try to do my blog early then this but alas I chose a time when the server was down.. doh! Silly me.

Well I think I had a fairly ok training week last week. Had a good swim session with the Tri club on Wednesday - focusing on drills again which was useful. Both head position and a good high elbow. Drills were - err interesting and thankfully I didn't manage to drown, although breathing was sporadic and did entail inhaling several mouthfulls of water.... Not surprisingly the coach did make note of this and said we'd work on in a few weeks time. Didn't get a second swim session in though through the rest of the week which was a little poor - my swim is no doubt my weakest event so I recognise I need to do more drills and spend more time in the pool - must do better, so no gold stars on the swimming yet ;o)

Woke up on Thursday with a bit of a cold so obviously ignored it and managed to go Hockey training Thursday evening which was a good session. Also managed to incorporate some loose interval/ sprint sessions a little unstructured but I find hockey a good way to do some faster stuff without having to think/ plan it. Not sure I'll be able to carry it on but hockey season ends in March so won't disrupt Tri season.

Friday I woke and unfortunately felt worse then Thursday, sore throat and possibility of first Autumn cold - no fun. Not wanting to get any such lurgy I took standard immediate action drills (ok should have done these the day before), vitamin c, echinacea etc etc, also and somewhat unusually for me I did actually decide to listen to my body and took the day off from any exercise too. Seemed to work as by end of business Saturday I was feeling much better despite a full game of hockey! Hurrah!

On to Sunday - what a glorious day. Not only did I get an extra hour in the day due to the official end of summer time, but it was fantastically sunny too (how ironic - sunniest day in about a week!). Got out on the bike and had a really good ride around 35k. My friend Claire joined me, or should I say I joined her. She's much fitter then I so took the lead most of the way which meant I got a bit of help in the slipstream! Still I'm really happy as it was my longest ride to date (and so also a little saddle sore!!) - it was a fab ride! Concentrated on not mashing and getting a cadence of >= 90rpm for the most part. Am particularly weak on hills (ok not so much hills as slopes as it's not too hilly where I am!), but will work on that later. Really want to concentrate at the moment on building time in the saddle!

So I don't think I quite managed all my targeted training for the week but not far off it which was good. So will give myself a rating of ok - but could try harder! "Official" pre-season training is now a week away, when I'll start to concentrate on the content of my sessions a little bit more.

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