Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm not counting

Much anyway, but hopefully three weeks tomorrow and my hand/wrist/arm will be free free free! Not so much a training blog this week but "i wish i could have" blog.... Wish I could have got a few hours swimming, some good riding and a bit of running.... especially the cross country run which my Thames Valley Triathlete team mates took part in today!

Was a really beautiful winters day for a run. By 1100 there were clear blue skies, a slight (cold) breeze, and a fantastic wooded location. The team seemed to do well and the tea and home made cakes provided by the race hosts were fab - especially the brownies!

I am taking this enforced pause from training to capture my feelings so i can be more determined to train more and better when I get the chance too. I have managed a couple of short turbo sessions this week just to keep the non-training devil at bay. The cast seems to be getting looser and so if the pain also stays at bay I may consider a short jog this week - just to keep my eye in as it were. Am already resigned to having to start from scratch when I get out the cast so anything I do in between is more to do with stress management!!! ;o)

Ok all for now, gotta give my guest a cup of tea!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

26 days to go...

Since my last blog I haven't done much Tri training but a plastercast on your arm is a damn fine excuse! Went back to the hospital on Monday. Had the cast off, xray and finally got to see a doc for all of 2mins..... He took one look at the colour of my hand and forearm and concluded I must have broken something given it was still black, blue, green and yellow! So back in a cast for another 4 weeks.. I'm actually not too sure if the xray showed anything or not!!! Oh well... So I have a new, lighter cast on... good that it's lighter then the last but unfortunately it's tighter too (well the swelling started to settle in the last cast so got enough room for a right good scratch with a finger down it!!!).

It's all rather frustrating, can't drive, can't write, can't type with both hands... can't train well.... grrrr. Still i'm looking on the bright side.... It could have been both wrists... or even a leg... now that would have been a bugger!!!So as they say always look on the bright side of life!!

I am beginning to get some minutes on the bike at least... 15mins yesterday and 30mins today. Hopefully as the swelling goes down I'll up the times and maybe even start to run with it on.... Need my shoulder to settle down before i do that though.

As I'm assuming there was no visible fracture on the xray I'm really hoping in 26 days I'll get the cast off and be able to flex my thumb and flap my wrist!... then it's careful Karen, a bit of Physio and away we go back to the schedule!! Nothing like starting again!.... Needless to say I've cancelled my snowboarding holiday!

Hope you are all enjoying the winter season training!

Yours...armless ;o)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

broken bones

Oh dear Sunday is here once more and not a great blogging week which usually coincides with a not so great training week....However i'm pleased to say up until yesterday it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible - so let's recap;

Monday - V.sore legs from the x-ctry held the previous day so planned on just the swim... which I did.... A warm-up of 100m f/s, 100m pull buoy, 100m kick board... followed by;
4*100m on 20s
2*200m on 25s
1*400m on 30s
2*200m.... well this is where I ran out of time so missed the final 4*100m followed by 8*25m.... Still did not manage to go sun 9min for the 400m but only 3secs out so given what had gone before i was happy enough. Also helped my legs out massively - got rid of most of the soreness from the run :o)

Tuesday - Busy at work so nothing achieved

Weds - Up to London but still got in 45mins on the turbo

Thurs - 1k warm-up then 1hr 10 on my new strength/ core session

Fri - Disappointed to have missed my run (back from work til too late and i needed food). However plan for sat was a mountain bike trail ride (25 miles off road), followed by a swim in the evening. Today was supposed to be easy run, swim then "body balance" class for some gentle core work and stretching. All of which would have made up the times.

Now you will have noticed the word "supposed" in the sentence above and this is where we link to the title of todays post....... The mountain bike got me yesterday, a vicious bit of earth jumped out at the tyres and sent me over the top (quite spectacularly by all accounts), so I'm sitting here awkwardly typing with my left hand as my right is in plaster... DOH!!!! The good news is though that there was no break visible on the xray... so it's all precautionary given how i landed and how my hand is. I am positive that it will be ok when they re-xray a week on Tuesday. I do believe in the power of positive thought!! :o) ... After all there's no point in wallowing in what might be when it's just as likely I'll get a good result.... and hey it could have been a lot worse... hardly a scratch on the bike for instance, and it wasn't like I damaged my helmet, just ripped a whole in the knee of my new tights but hey I can get a new pair of those :o)

So training this week is likely to be pretty non existent, however I may be able to churn a few hours on the turbo once the swelling goes down a bit, running I think out given the weight of the cast and the swelling.

Hum a bit of a disappointing weekend then as far as training goes, but at least I have a damn fine excuse!!! :o)

Better go and feed the moggy before he starts chewing on my good hand... meow!

Oh yes and I am right handed so I'm going to be learning all sorts of new skills with the left over the next 10days!!!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Only one word sums up how I feel... YAWN... blimey I'm pooper-scoopered! Why?!.. Well I did my first cross country race today in about 23 years!!! Last time I recall running like an idiot around a muddy field I was a teenager (just) at school! Today however, I'm pleased to say, was more fun - probably as I decided to do it rather then a teacher making me ;o)

We've had nothing but rain for days and with a forecast of rain again all day today so the run was never going to be pretty. However, the rain gods smiled on us and we were lucky to get the run in between showers - how lucky. On top of that it was unseasonably mild! It got pretty muddy pretty quickly. Having started on some hard standing road/ path we quickly went into some woods before heading down hill - to which I was quite pleased given it was 5mins in I could do with a break, although feared going back up the other side... - anyhow yes down the hill into a field, there wasn't much of a path really more of a squelchy muddy vague path thing - eugh! Greeting us at the bottom was a brook - humm so that was half way up the legs in freezing water, into another field and back across the brook before heading up the side of the field trying to avoid the trees which had fallen over. By this stage we were 10mins in - and I was beginning to wonder what I had let myself in for!!!! Much slipping/ sliding and running through mainly woodland with little wind and no rain to hamper. What fun (well sort of)!! After the first 15mins or so I decided that no one should be passing me.. how foolish! Alas a couple of people did worm their way around me, but I made up for that my taking a couple of people myself. After about 40mins I was beginning to wonder how far we had to go (although the course is marked/ marshaled there were no distance markers).... got told on 42mins we were a mile out. Stupidly I decided that should mean I work even harder - well that's what my brain said but my legs weren't really listening!! ;o).. Eventually finished in just over 52mins. No idea as to the distance, something like 5miles+ I think.

Great to have done the "race", if not for the cup of tea and cakes after then to meet some of my fellow Triathlon club members. They're all a really friendly bunch so it was good to have a natter after the race, with the nice cup of tea especially! Overall I'm pleased with my performance... Although I've no idea how my time was compared to others - I certainly wasn't anywhere near the front and definitely much closer to the back - but pleased with the fact this was probably the hardest session I've done in a while (HR avg 160, ending on 174), I survived, I enjoyed it, meet some good people, got out into the fresh country air, got muddy (very), also got wet (not soaked), BRILL!! :oD

On top of that I had my gym induction this afternoon and as a result the trainer is kindly putting together a really rather nasty looking core stability session - this will be excellent and very much needed! After the induction I went to a "Body Balance" class - some combination of Tai-Chi, Yoga and Palates...very good for the core, good stretch (much needed!!) and very relaxing.

What else this weekend... oh well a good turbo session yesterday morning and a good (although slightly short) swim in the evening. The swim was enjoyable actually, I didn't follow any set practice or session and kind of made it up as follows;
WARM-UP: 100 * F/S, 100m * Pull Buoy and Paddles, 100m * Kickboard
DRILL SET: 4 * 25m drill into 25m f/s (Drills; sculling 1, 2 and 3 + fists)
MAIN SET: 10*100m intervals with 30s rest between sets.
WARM-DOWN: 200m very very easy (ie in 5mins!)
I didn't do brilliantly on the 100m's; fastest 2'05, slowest 2'18. I would have liked to carry on to 15 sets but had to get out the pool to make sure I wasn't late for a friend I was meeting in the evening! Still happy that did 1000m which is the first time I've just gone through like that without having specific drills. In conclusion I would like to have one session like this every week where I look to increase # intervals then increase interval length.

Overall a good training week. Despite having 3 days off (naughty me), I have managed 7hours, pretty much 2 hours each of swim, bike, run with an hour of core stability. The good thing also about the week is I managed a double session day on three days... so know I can cope with that too.

The week ahead is going to be a challenge however, working locally tomorrow, but off to Coventry Tuesday, City Wednesday and Thursday and then Newbury sometime Friday. At least Friday is relatively local so hopefully shouldn't be too disruptive. Tuesday - Thursday will however be challenging!

Right - I feel like I've written a book in tonights blog and am getting RSI in my fingers tips as a result!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Carrot and Ginger!

Yum - a good way to start the day. No not with any training this morning (gave myself some extra snooze time), but with a carrot and ginger drink (with a bit of apple for sweetness) - yes I got a juicer from Father Christmas this year! Haven't tried many concoctions yet as I seem to be favouring the carrot option (3 carrots, 2 apples and a bit of ginger). The ginger gives it a real kick, although experience has shown you need to be careful not to add too much or it blows your head off!

So as I'm sitting here on the sofa with the cat next to me (his normal place), I thought I'd quickly recap yesterday... a fab fizz day! Got up nice and early and got in an episode of Alias, oh yes whilst on the turbo! Took it easy for 5k whilst I warmed up (and woke up), then hit 1k hard (rpm > 90 speed about 25kph) with 1k recovery (tiny gear!) did that 5 times before I had 10 mins of churning a big gear and then a gentle warm down. Total of 20k in around 50mins. Now the thing I find about the turbo is I go so much slower on it then the road. Not sure this is normal or not - but hey as long as my work out feels like it tests me in parts then I guess it's ok?!

Had a painful day at work (forecast calls pretty much all day - think I'd rather poke my eyes with needles ;o) )... but managed to get out about 1830. So headed to the gym for a long pool session. Now when I'm not doing a club session I'm now trying to follow the "swim smooth" Sessions for novice swimmers. Yesterday's session was all about kicking. Mainly with fins which (a) I'm not sure is a great idea and (b) really gave me cramp in my tootsies at the start of it! Still in a variety of pull buoy, popov's, torpedo's, 6/1/6, 6/3/6 etc etc so got about 2.3k in in around an hour and a bit. As a reward took myself into the Roman room at the gym which as these ceramic warmed up bed things in which you can chill out on. Followed that with an aroma steam room - just to clear the pores and head! After all that I was more then a little ready to come home and crash out! Which I did with a no alarm set morning - so woken up by the birds waking up at around 0730 - bliss!

Got a busy day at work, but everything local so shouldn't be abnormally long. I plan on getting to the gym tonight for a strength session and maybe a little run, depending on how my hammies and back feel which, up until last nights swim, have been a little tight.

Right it's past eight am and I really ought to be getting on so... with a "Thank crunchie it's Friday!... Or "happy damn Friday" depending on your view! I bit you farewell. Oh it's definitely time to get on - even the cat has changed snooze position - a hint indeed I need to get going!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Summary of December and the New Year!

Sigh - so today has been a training "zippo" day, and given I'm now officially in Base 1 of the schedule then that's a bit wrong really! .... I've spent 4+hours in the car and over a 12 hour day out of the house with work (including journey time)... Now - I did have high hopes of at least my club swim session in tonight and if I'd been organised enough this morning and taken my gear with me I may have *just* made it... but as it was I didn't so I didn't... Of course there was then the other option of going to my new gym for a swim but my parents kindly offered me food (too good to miss) and I've just got in and really just need to go to bed soon rather then back out to the gym!... So much to make up tomorrow and hey it's another day right?!?!! Should be easier to get some sessions in tomorrow as I'm in my local office. Still I did have a really good run on Tuesday morning. A total of 7.5k in about 43mins.... mainly at easy/ steady pace with 4*1min speed bursts in the middle which really got my HR up! Totally pooped afterwards but I blame that on doing the session first thing before breakie! Still I enjoyed that session! :o)

OK so I've got my HR monitor able to download and record stuff into my laptop so can now give monthly totals - thrilling I know :o) .... The good thing to report is I have actually managed to do more "training" in December then November - and given I had a least a week and a half of socials in December I think this is quite an achievement. In summary although I didn't do as many hours as I'd hoped at the beginning I'm pleased with the number of hours done and feel my prep period has gone relatively ok and certainly not a complete disaster. So here are the totals;

Distance: 9.70 km
Time: 5hrs 21'
I feel like I'm getting more in to a routine with the swim now. Monday night club session, Sat pm own session was mostly the norm for December. I'd really like to increase this to 3 sessions a week in January!

Distance: 145.00 km
Time: 6hrs 40'
Although at first glance I felt a little disappointed with the amount of time spent in the saddle when I look back at November I've doubled both the distance and time in the seat! Mainly due to extra time available given I've only played an hour and a half of hockey in December. So overall when I compare with November I'm pretty pleased. The challenge for January is to increase the distance, hours and quality of sessions.

Distance: 41.60 km
Time: 4hrs 14'
Similar to the bike on first glance I was a bit disappointed with the totals. However given I was out of action (socialising!) for some of December I forgive myself a bit. Still an increase to the November totals, although no where near as significant as the bike, but I'll take any increase. I reckon I need to work in an extra recovery run session to balance out the other two.

Number Sessions = 5
Time: 4:02
Now I actually did think I did more then this! However I was obviously kidding myself! I'm not too fussed about getting strong as such but given I've a sore lower back at the moment I know my core does need strengthening and I could do with more power in my legs... reckon my arms will get stronger through increasing the swim.... hummm but that's cos I'm a weed right now so more swimming is bound to lead to stronger arms!! ;o)

SBR = Distance 196.30km, Hours 16hrs 18mins
All Hours = 20hrs 20mins
OK - so Prep phase over. It's now time to get serious and start making the hours good quality, good distance and longer!

OK so I must confess to having several socials in January - however I shall be strong and have decided to get on the wagon until 10th Feb (I have a dinner night then which I shall give myself a treat!).

Muffin the cat's training regime for December seemed to go well too. Pleased to report now mice during the month (phew) and I think he may even have lost a bit of weight (a rogue moggy has been spotted in the garden so suspect a food nicker in the midst!).