Wednesday, January 24, 2007

26 days to go...

Since my last blog I haven't done much Tri training but a plastercast on your arm is a damn fine excuse! Went back to the hospital on Monday. Had the cast off, xray and finally got to see a doc for all of 2mins..... He took one look at the colour of my hand and forearm and concluded I must have broken something given it was still black, blue, green and yellow! So back in a cast for another 4 weeks.. I'm actually not too sure if the xray showed anything or not!!! Oh well... So I have a new, lighter cast on... good that it's lighter then the last but unfortunately it's tighter too (well the swelling started to settle in the last cast so got enough room for a right good scratch with a finger down it!!!).

It's all rather frustrating, can't drive, can't write, can't type with both hands... can't train well.... grrrr. Still i'm looking on the bright side.... It could have been both wrists... or even a leg... now that would have been a bugger!!!So as they say always look on the bright side of life!!

I am beginning to get some minutes on the bike at least... 15mins yesterday and 30mins today. Hopefully as the swelling goes down I'll up the times and maybe even start to run with it on.... Need my shoulder to settle down before i do that though.

As I'm assuming there was no visible fracture on the xray I'm really hoping in 26 days I'll get the cast off and be able to flex my thumb and flap my wrist!... then it's careful Karen, a bit of Physio and away we go back to the schedule!! Nothing like starting again!.... Needless to say I've cancelled my snowboarding holiday!

Hope you are all enjoying the winter season training!

Yours...armless ;o)

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