Sunday, January 14, 2007

broken bones

Oh dear Sunday is here once more and not a great blogging week which usually coincides with a not so great training week....However i'm pleased to say up until yesterday it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible - so let's recap;

Monday - V.sore legs from the x-ctry held the previous day so planned on just the swim... which I did.... A warm-up of 100m f/s, 100m pull buoy, 100m kick board... followed by;
4*100m on 20s
2*200m on 25s
1*400m on 30s
2*200m.... well this is where I ran out of time so missed the final 4*100m followed by 8*25m.... Still did not manage to go sun 9min for the 400m but only 3secs out so given what had gone before i was happy enough. Also helped my legs out massively - got rid of most of the soreness from the run :o)

Tuesday - Busy at work so nothing achieved

Weds - Up to London but still got in 45mins on the turbo

Thurs - 1k warm-up then 1hr 10 on my new strength/ core session

Fri - Disappointed to have missed my run (back from work til too late and i needed food). However plan for sat was a mountain bike trail ride (25 miles off road), followed by a swim in the evening. Today was supposed to be easy run, swim then "body balance" class for some gentle core work and stretching. All of which would have made up the times.

Now you will have noticed the word "supposed" in the sentence above and this is where we link to the title of todays post....... The mountain bike got me yesterday, a vicious bit of earth jumped out at the tyres and sent me over the top (quite spectacularly by all accounts), so I'm sitting here awkwardly typing with my left hand as my right is in plaster... DOH!!!! The good news is though that there was no break visible on the xray... so it's all precautionary given how i landed and how my hand is. I am positive that it will be ok when they re-xray a week on Tuesday. I do believe in the power of positive thought!! :o) ... After all there's no point in wallowing in what might be when it's just as likely I'll get a good result.... and hey it could have been a lot worse... hardly a scratch on the bike for instance, and it wasn't like I damaged my helmet, just ripped a whole in the knee of my new tights but hey I can get a new pair of those :o)

So training this week is likely to be pretty non existent, however I may be able to churn a few hours on the turbo once the swelling goes down a bit, running I think out given the weight of the cast and the swelling.

Hum a bit of a disappointing weekend then as far as training goes, but at least I have a damn fine excuse!!! :o)

Better go and feed the moggy before he starts chewing on my good hand... meow!

Oh yes and I am right handed so I'm going to be learning all sorts of new skills with the left over the next 10days!!!!!

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