Friday, January 05, 2007

Carrot and Ginger!

Yum - a good way to start the day. No not with any training this morning (gave myself some extra snooze time), but with a carrot and ginger drink (with a bit of apple for sweetness) - yes I got a juicer from Father Christmas this year! Haven't tried many concoctions yet as I seem to be favouring the carrot option (3 carrots, 2 apples and a bit of ginger). The ginger gives it a real kick, although experience has shown you need to be careful not to add too much or it blows your head off!

So as I'm sitting here on the sofa with the cat next to me (his normal place), I thought I'd quickly recap yesterday... a fab fizz day! Got up nice and early and got in an episode of Alias, oh yes whilst on the turbo! Took it easy for 5k whilst I warmed up (and woke up), then hit 1k hard (rpm > 90 speed about 25kph) with 1k recovery (tiny gear!) did that 5 times before I had 10 mins of churning a big gear and then a gentle warm down. Total of 20k in around 50mins. Now the thing I find about the turbo is I go so much slower on it then the road. Not sure this is normal or not - but hey as long as my work out feels like it tests me in parts then I guess it's ok?!

Had a painful day at work (forecast calls pretty much all day - think I'd rather poke my eyes with needles ;o) )... but managed to get out about 1830. So headed to the gym for a long pool session. Now when I'm not doing a club session I'm now trying to follow the "swim smooth" Sessions for novice swimmers. Yesterday's session was all about kicking. Mainly with fins which (a) I'm not sure is a great idea and (b) really gave me cramp in my tootsies at the start of it! Still in a variety of pull buoy, popov's, torpedo's, 6/1/6, 6/3/6 etc etc so got about 2.3k in in around an hour and a bit. As a reward took myself into the Roman room at the gym which as these ceramic warmed up bed things in which you can chill out on. Followed that with an aroma steam room - just to clear the pores and head! After all that I was more then a little ready to come home and crash out! Which I did with a no alarm set morning - so woken up by the birds waking up at around 0730 - bliss!

Got a busy day at work, but everything local so shouldn't be abnormally long. I plan on getting to the gym tonight for a strength session and maybe a little run, depending on how my hammies and back feel which, up until last nights swim, have been a little tight.

Right it's past eight am and I really ought to be getting on so... with a "Thank crunchie it's Friday!... Or "happy damn Friday" depending on your view! I bit you farewell. Oh it's definitely time to get on - even the cat has changed snooze position - a hint indeed I need to get going!

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