Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Summary of December and the New Year!

Sigh - so today has been a training "zippo" day, and given I'm now officially in Base 1 of the schedule then that's a bit wrong really! .... I've spent 4+hours in the car and over a 12 hour day out of the house with work (including journey time)... Now - I did have high hopes of at least my club swim session in tonight and if I'd been organised enough this morning and taken my gear with me I may have *just* made it... but as it was I didn't so I didn't... Of course there was then the other option of going to my new gym for a swim but my parents kindly offered me food (too good to miss) and I've just got in and really just need to go to bed soon rather then back out to the gym!... So much to make up tomorrow and hey it's another day right?!?!! Should be easier to get some sessions in tomorrow as I'm in my local office. Still I did have a really good run on Tuesday morning. A total of 7.5k in about 43mins.... mainly at easy/ steady pace with 4*1min speed bursts in the middle which really got my HR up! Totally pooped afterwards but I blame that on doing the session first thing before breakie! Still I enjoyed that session! :o)

OK so I've got my HR monitor able to download and record stuff into my laptop so can now give monthly totals - thrilling I know :o) .... The good thing to report is I have actually managed to do more "training" in December then November - and given I had a least a week and a half of socials in December I think this is quite an achievement. In summary although I didn't do as many hours as I'd hoped at the beginning I'm pleased with the number of hours done and feel my prep period has gone relatively ok and certainly not a complete disaster. So here are the totals;

Distance: 9.70 km
Time: 5hrs 21'
I feel like I'm getting more in to a routine with the swim now. Monday night club session, Sat pm own session was mostly the norm for December. I'd really like to increase this to 3 sessions a week in January!

Distance: 145.00 km
Time: 6hrs 40'
Although at first glance I felt a little disappointed with the amount of time spent in the saddle when I look back at November I've doubled both the distance and time in the seat! Mainly due to extra time available given I've only played an hour and a half of hockey in December. So overall when I compare with November I'm pretty pleased. The challenge for January is to increase the distance, hours and quality of sessions.

Distance: 41.60 km
Time: 4hrs 14'
Similar to the bike on first glance I was a bit disappointed with the totals. However given I was out of action (socialising!) for some of December I forgive myself a bit. Still an increase to the November totals, although no where near as significant as the bike, but I'll take any increase. I reckon I need to work in an extra recovery run session to balance out the other two.

Number Sessions = 5
Time: 4:02
Now I actually did think I did more then this! However I was obviously kidding myself! I'm not too fussed about getting strong as such but given I've a sore lower back at the moment I know my core does need strengthening and I could do with more power in my legs... reckon my arms will get stronger through increasing the swim.... hummm but that's cos I'm a weed right now so more swimming is bound to lead to stronger arms!! ;o)

SBR = Distance 196.30km, Hours 16hrs 18mins
All Hours = 20hrs 20mins
OK - so Prep phase over. It's now time to get serious and start making the hours good quality, good distance and longer!

OK so I must confess to having several socials in January - however I shall be strong and have decided to get on the wagon until 10th Feb (I have a dinner night then which I shall give myself a treat!).

Muffin the cat's training regime for December seemed to go well too. Pleased to report now mice during the month (phew) and I think he may even have lost a bit of weight (a rogue moggy has been spotted in the garden so suspect a food nicker in the midst!).

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