Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to me....

Yes I'd better change my profile to read "37" although strictly speaking I'm not until 1210pm! Agh another year has whizzed by, and an interesting year it's been.

This time last year a celebrated in Basra with a bottle of smuggled in wine shared with some good chaps whilst no doubt watching an episode of Alias. Highlights of the year, well there are quite a lot so here's a flavour for some;
  • Birth of Sean, my new nephew, in October. He's really special.
  • Taking my other nephew (who's 8) to his first orchestral experience. He loved taking a look at all the instruments and amused the audience at the concert as he got so into the music that you'd have thought he was the conductor. Priceless :o)
  • Finishing my first Triathlon, I particularly remember smiling like a Cheshire Cat on the bike leg - brilliant
  • Week climbing in Spain. I'm not a real climber but this was a fantastic week to get away after getting home from Iraq and let my brain comprehend my previous 6 months. also the peace, beauty and tranquility was well needed. Getting to the top of my first lead climb was a totally amazing thrill.
  • The feeling when I demobilised and left the gates of Chilwell to come home after my tour was also priceless. I could earn a fortune if I could bottle that feeling up and sell it. What a relief!
There were also obviously some lowlights too but hey there's no point dwelling on those, learn what you can from those type of experiences and move on is what I say.

Have just received my birthday call from my parents with a good rendition of "Happy Birthday" :o) and here's a quote from Gerry Sikorski which is on a card from Uncle Alistair and Auntie Carol...
"BE ABSOLUTELY determined TO enjoy WHAT YOU do"

So that seems a good motto for the year doesn't it.... and let's face it I'll be enjoying today for starters! :o)

Right better get some scoff and ready myself for my day of fun. I'm going to watch the girls play hockey today followed by a nice meal with mates tonight. It's a great day for it all too, lovely bright blue skies, birds singing and fairly mild for the time of year. It will be good to get out and watch some other people exercise!!!


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