Sunday, February 25, 2007

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..

I now have pp in a bionic hand brace and am pleased to report it's coming on well :o) So much so that I ventured out into the big wide world yesterday (Sat) for a RUN!


It felt really good to be out, although the "run" itself was about as hard as I thought it may be. Did 5*5min bursts (easy) with a min walking between. As always on an easy run I just find it really hard to go slowly, I'm sure it's harder running slowly rather then normally.... although my HR was up a bit on normal given I was going slower then a slow tortoise! But I guess given this is my first exercise in 6 weeks then I did about as much as I should and could have. It did feel good being outside doing some exercise though. People who live a sedantry life just don't realise what they're missing out on! Stupidly I also tried some of this new "pose" technique i've been reading about. Not sure that was too sensible as today my calf muscles are sore sore sore, although quads are totally fine. But what the hell I got to run around the lake and see all the ducks, geese and other such creatures!...Another odd thing to come of the run were a couple of blisters I have - although I put that done probably to the hour of walking on Friday down to Physio and back.

Speaking of which - physio.... nice chap called Adrian gave righty a right good going over on Friday. Obviously there's quite a bit of limitation of movement and I'm still getting this really nervy sensation in my hand. Got some good words of warning from the guy, he obviously picked up on my personality quite quickly and said to "not go mad" being out of plaster so quickly and all! So I still need to respect the injury cos it's still healing is the message. More physio over the coming weeks and sometime soon I'll hopefully get back in the pool. Without a doubt the swimming was the biggest challenge before the injury and even more so now. However I must enjoy the swimming deep down because since being out of plaster I've dreamt of swimming at least 4 times! One of which amusingly saw me continually swim into the left wall as my right stroke was so weak - funny!

Well what else... yes I got back onto my bike today too :o) Not really very comfortable using righty with the bionic strapping on so once I can drive I must get the bike into a shop and have some aero bars fitted as, for the time being, this is the only way I'm going to be able to comfortably cycle. Still I did a fairly straight forward 27mins nothing too special but again good to be active :o)

Now I'm beginning to think I'm being insanely optimistic to think I can make the Blenheim sprint at the start of June but one can but try eh!... and remember the aim for races this season is not the time I finish in but the shear pleasure of doing them, feeling alive and finishing them with a smile (ok after the grimace!).

Nearly time for bed and it's a good feeling to be tired from exercise, looking forward to getting back with the programme again.

Big smiles!

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