Monday, February 19, 2007

Singing.... Free-eeeee! Free! Free-ee the hand....

A miracle happened today..... yes the docs gave me a belated birthday present and said my broken wristy/ hand thingy-me-bob was healing well and could come out of plaster!


Earlier then expected - not that I'm complaining. Must have been the red wine, cheese and chocolate diet I've been scoffing the last 5 weeks, or maybe it's just the doctor wanting rid of me!! I've got to go back in 3 weeks to make sure it's still on the right road, by then hopefully these pins and needles and numbness will have receded or they are threatening with an MRI scan. Either way it means, assuming I can grip by the weekend, that I can drive a car and start on the training road to recovery too. In bite size chunks though as I can't move my thumb or wrist at the mo and front crawl may be pushing it a bit ;o)

So, my walk/ run routine can start as soon as my wrist splints arrive (as I'm a wimp and don't want to risk an unprotected fall). I read something in a mag which said for every week off of training it'll take two weeks to recover to where you were at when you stopped. So given I've done the square root of **** all in five weeks that gives me ten weeks recovery and about another 12 weeks before my main "A" race - that being the London Olympic distance race in August. I wasn't expecting to do well anyhow just to finish so I can still aim for that with the weeks that are left, I may just not do it as fast but then who's counting. I still may look to do the back-up Olympic distance race at the end of Sept that I had been spying on as a fall-back. So maybe make London a "B" race and the late September one my "A" if you see what I mean.

Better get the training plan out then and work out what I should be doing next week, just need to remember the pace of a very slow tortoise will be better and far more sensible then trying to be the hare at this stage of the hand proceedings.

All in all a good start to my 38th year on this world!.. Poor paw (PP) still not in great shape but is doing very well considering don't you think!!!

Have purchased a DVD on the "pose" technique of running.... purchased in anticipation of not being able to for a few more weeks yet.... so am going to take a look and see if any of it makes sense - a form of training without training maybe??? Ok maybe not!

Well here's to my first cast-less night in over 5 weeks, let's just hope my extra kilo of weight doesn't squash PP!!

Happy Days!

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