Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back to it...

OK I confess - I didn't do much training last week... but then I couldn't breath through my nose because of the lurgy cold thing I had - so that was relatively sensible really. Last weeks summary won't take long:
Swim: 2.0k (60' Sat)
Bike: 22.0k (86' Thur, Sat)
Run: 1.0k (6' Sat)
So as you can see I was feeling a bit better by Sat and then overdone it a little by doing a spin class followed by a quick 1k run and then an hour in the pool.

Still there's always this week :o) and I'm pleased to report week 1 of my official base training period has so far gone well. Seem to be back on the proverbial treadmill and not feeling like I've overdone things (a miracle!!). Big news for the week is I managed by first *ever* straight through 600m swim. Didn't push it just a steady cruise. At the end I even felt like I could have carried on a bit given I was in such a good rhythm - so that was good. Also did a good 7.5k run - very slowly mind but glad I'm building up the long (for me) distances again so soon - so all is currently well in the camp of Karen! :o) Even rightie isn't misbehaving too much although the wrist still is annoying me in so much as the movement isn't pain free etc. Forgot yesterday and tried to throw something at someone - ouch! Still early days really so I've just got to be patient with it!

Summary for this week so far:
Swim: Monday club night was quite good - although our slow lane had no lane marker so we did have a fun time cruising up an imaginary line with the guys in the lane next to us! I personally did a bit of a random session - mainly lengths rather then drills. About 1.3k in the 50mins I was there - too much chatting!! Took myself to the pool on Thursday night along with my "workouts in a binder" booklet I got whilst I was in plaster. This is an excellent (and waterproof) little booklet with a variety of endurance, speed, force etc etc workouts in. So although I didn't complete the whole session I had a really good go - this culminated in my 600m swim at the end. Steady cruise the whole way - my 400m split was 9:09 - which I was actually well pleased with given this is only by third/ fourth encounter with a pool since I came out of plaster! I will break that 400m 9:00 barrier before Blenheim!

Bike: Thus far for the week I've not done much. A quick 30mins easy spin on Monday morning was about it. I was going to try and get to a spin class Thurs evening but didn't leave work in a time which would get me there. So a bit behind on the bike. Intend to get on it for a spin as soon as I've done this blog. Nice bit of bike and Alias action should see me happy for the next hour!!!

Run: Really pleased with my 7.5k morning run on Wednesday. A lovely morning for a run, clear skies, clear air with a bit of a chill. So up the bridlepaths and footpaths I ran. Time was not fab at 50mins but then I didn't intend to do anything but an easy pace given I was wanting to go further. I did this same run on Christmas day in 43mins so I've got some way to be getting back to that sort of time. Slow but sure is my motto at the moment. Increase the distances before decreasing the times is my intention. Having said that I did do a bit of an interval session Thurs (legs felt that fresh despite the previous mornings 7.5ker).... managed a 500m Interval at 8.5kph/ 11.5 kph. Did the 4k in just over 25mins. Finished this and went straight to the swim so my body is beginning to adapt to the training well enough I think.

Plan for the weekend is a easy spin turbo session on the bike today plus a bit of hockey (I know I said I'd give that up but figure 20mins of fun won't do me any harm - assuming of course rightie will hold on to the stick and cope with the vibrations from the ball!). Sunday another 7.5k run I think, particularly as the forecast is good. Also intend to get to the pool for an hour today or tomorrow for another "workout in a binder" session. Other most exciting thing is I'm taking my 9 year old nephew to the orchestra tonight - should be fun!!

Right the day is passing and there is much to do! Adieu!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The return of winter

After stating how wonderful and spring like it was last week guess what. Yes today it has snowed - didn't I say it would!! So it has turned for lovely fresh spring days to a cold Northerly wind blowing really unpleasant weather - at least I live in the south of England as it looks grim up North - well grimmer then usual!! ;o)

I shall now attempt to show some of those spring pictures I took before the snow...

..oh now that seems to have worked....

Would love to say what these are... primrose perhaps... I was told earlier today but can honestly say I've forgotten already...

So here's a picture of something I do know........

Yes a daffodil!.... Yes it seems a bit droopy but then it was a cold morning and it's in a pot with no other daffs (think I must have put it there my mistake).. so it must be feeling lonely?!!?

And finally no spring garden picture would be complete without the main character of the garden. He who watches over the house, brings too the odd present in from the garden and generally gets spoilt by me (yes despite the gifts from the garden...)

The one - The only - MUFFIN the cat....

OK so on to training. Got a couple of gold stars for my bike and run but a bit of a black mark "must do better" for the swimming. Overall for last week I managed to do +15% of running (distance), +6% bike (distance), and let's not worry about the swim. Didn't do anything Weds/ Thurs which is why I missed on the swim really. Had one session done Monday then failed to get one in Friday, couldn't Saturday and although I planned a swim on Sunday I was attacked my the dreaded cold lurgy monster and felt it wouldn't be a good idea for me (or other swimmers - eugh!) to go yesterday afternoon. Which is why by the way I'm writing my blog now which is when I'd usually be doing a club swim night.

Hopefully I'll shake this cold of pretty pronto. I've been dosing up on Vit C, Echinacea, Sinutab, throat lozengers and lots of water. Typically of a cold it's got me in the nose and throat and is annoying me most when I'm asleep (or not as the case may be). Why do colds do that - all day you feel better then the sun goes down you feel worse and then by the time you get to bed it leaves you awake all night....must be to do with the whole horizontal thing in bed I guess.

I like to think I've been sensible (or maybe used the cold as an excuse) and not done any training today. Plan for the week is to add at least another 10% on to my bike and run from last week and get at least two swims in. Some of this is dependent on the cold I know but I'll see how it goes all the same. Besides this is my final week of "prepare to train" 4th post-plaster week - hurrah!

Speaking of which - Rightie got to see the hand quack today and


The MRI was clear so all seems well in the world of the right wrist. I have another follow-up if I want in about 6 weeks. In the meantime continue with the physio and in the words of the doctor - don't fall off the bike again as that may hurt! So with a big sigh of relieve I shall continue to diligently do my wrist exercises and can now look forward to my Beginners Tri camp which I've just booked on which is in the warm weather location of Lanzarote at the end of April. Can't wait - although am slightly concerned I'll be at the back of the pack all the time.. but hey at least I'm in the pack to begin with and let's face it someone's got to come last!

Right better go and feed the cat before he tries to eat my arm!! ;o)

... and all was well in the house...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hi! A good training week so far... ok until today when I've stalled a bit and ate some cheese instead ;o)

So I plunged into the pool again on Monday. Some more splashing with the kick board and a bit of doggy paddling before crashing out a few lengths (yes lengths!) of front crawl.... and yes technique has left me in my injured weeks (some would say I never had it in the first place ;o) )...but I didn't drown and did a few double lengths without crashing into the end with rightie or drowning! Now rightie isn't quite comfortable in the pull section underwater but I'm sure in time it will get strong!

Yesterday was a lovely spring day and would have been great to go for an early evening run as the sun was lowering in the sky..... at least that's what I thought as I lay in the MRI machine like Superman (ok woman) with my hand firmly clamped into place. Now for someone who isn't too keen on small spaces being face down with an arm clamped above my head in a small tube thing for 40mins is not my idea of fun. However I did think of the run as the scanner churned on like a pneumatic drill for 3.5mins a time.... I also thought what a good opening scene for a Bond movie - I mean how do you get out of that one if the baddy was trying to get you!!! So missed the early evening spring run as I was having some warming cups of sweet tea at a friends house after the experience!!!

However I did manage to get home and go out just before 8 for a really nice run, although it was on the road and in darkness rather then footpaths in fields in daylight. I seem to have discovered how to run "easy" again..... 6.2k without a break nice and slow and I mean really slow, something like a 7min/k pace (wouldn't it to be good to do 7min/mile - ahhh I can but dream!). However I'm really pleased, not too sore today at all and 42mins straight is something I didn't think I'd be up to for another couple of weeks yet.

Did "plan" on doing some turboing today but decided to just chill out this evening. Unlikely to be up to much tomorrow either as I have a company medical in the morning and am out tomorrow night watching a play which is interestingly called "love puke"... hummm

Still aiming to be 10% up on SBR for the week, will have to go some Fri, Sat, Sun to get to that target!

Happy days!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Two step forwards and one step back

Rehabing is really quite frustrating sometimes isn't it.... but still I've had a good week despite work trying to spoil it ;o) oh and me dropping my laptop and smashing my infrared dongle thingy which uploads what I've done from my watch to my POLAR HR software diary thing.

So before I go on to give the low down on righty I'll quickly summarize the week... week T -3 (two more weeks to go before I start back with proper Training - BASE1!)....

Yippee! Managed to get back in the pool last week. Very tentative at first, spent some lengths with a kick board splashing my way up and down with the odd daring right arm stroke. Scary! Turned this into some sculling work and finally managed a couple of lengths front crawl. Which was even more scary particularly when approaching the end of the length so learning to spot the end wall early for fear of swimming into it - not that I've done that before!! Still really really good getting back into the pool.
Two sessions (mon, thur) 30-40mins each. No idea about distance as was really just seeing how it went.

Got a couple of good turbo sessions in. Again nothing too strenuous but some good spinning. Must be quickly getting fitter again as this was much easier then last week, lower HR and slightly faster. Obviously all on the turbo trainer indoors. Still need to get some aerobars and nerve before I venture outside with righty!
Two sessions (thus, sun) 12.5 k in 36mins then 10k in 28mins. More to come here.

Painful!! ;o) My thinking is the run will get my fitness back the quickest and it's such hard work that it's good mental preparation for the run section of a tri!!!! Still I've now managed a couple of "longer" sessions without the run walk thing. One a mere 28' and the other 22'. But am really pleased that i've got to be doing this so quickly. Obviously my pace is dire and still resembles a very slow slow thing on a slow day. But at least I'm moving which is exciting! Am going to see if I can crank out 6k today in one go, but will allow myself a breather if my HR gets too high!
Four sessions (tues, thur, sat, sun) total of 15km

That's enough of that then. The task for the week is to increase all activities by another 10%. I got 4 hours training done in total which is great and I do love sleeping after your body has been active - FAB!

Spring is definitely here (it'll now probably snow tomorrow), the flowers are really blooming in the garden. Now I'm not a really good gardener, ok in fact I don't garden at all... but I have a friend who does (my garden that is). Anyhow - she's done a great job, loads of things coming up - would say what they are but as I said I'm not a gardener and so it's all looking lovely and colourful outside. Even the birds are coming into song, although that is at the crack of dawn and really rather loud. If I tell myself enough how lovely their song is then I'm sure I won't mind being woken up at increasingly earlier times! Maybe I should get up at the same time and go for a run or ride.. then again.... I'll try to get some piccies of the plants - then perhaps someone can tell me what I've got!!

My *new* car was "born" last week! Now that is exciting. I don't generally believe in spending huge amounts on a gas hungry vehicle... however when I broke my hand I really did need some serious retail therapy. So traded in my Megane for a nice new Audi! Should be getting the new car in a couple of weeks. Will obviously take some pictures of that too and blast out on the blog - will have to introduce my bike to the boot in due course and get it down to the bike shop for a service and aerobars!

Final bit of exciting news - I've booked a holiday for the end of April! Yippee.... Off to Lanzarote for a Beginners Triathlon training camp in the sun. Looking forward to the break from work and the resort looks fab, will have to balance the training with some serious sun bathing and retail therapy!!!! :o)

OK on to righty then. So the physio/ rehab etc has been going really well and am getting quite a bit of flexibility and strength back in the hand/ wrist/ forearm. I really think time in the pool has helped, both the swimming and some hydrotherapy have felt really healing - if you see what I mean. I had what I hoped would be my final outpatients appointment at the orthopedic clinic yesterday and pointed out a problem I'm still having which the physio took a look at on Friday. Anyhow there's some suggestion that some sort of cartilage in the wrist joint was damaged at the same time as the fracture and hasn't properly healed..... humm... so am off for an MRI scan this avo and see a hand specialist consultant blokie next Monday for the results. I'm obviously, given how much better my hand is feeling, hoping that they won't find anything really wrong and if they do it doesn't need surgery (now referred to as the s word as I don't really want to go down that route). Still can do nothing about that right now so will continue to do my stretches, squeezes, flex and more stretch with righty as figure it seems to be getting better then worse so what further harm can I do... well as long as I don't fall over.. lol!!!

So that's it for now. Will *try* and do more blogging this week!!!! Adieu!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Starting over again

This is hard. Having got so far and feeling so good starting up again is challenging... and s-l-o-w! Still Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is fitness and as I like to tell myself (whilst struggling to get through my 3rd 10min run)... "What doesn't kill you makes you strong!".. hummm

Stats for the week aren't really respectable but better then the week before (which was zip), and although not much has felt like loads!

Swim - None... although did have a splash around in a hydro-therapy pool this evening and so am going to club swim night tomorrow, if for nothing else then to use a kick board. Am not terribly confident with righty's ability to do much front crawl!!! But one does have to start somewhere, and unless I tire myself on the kickboard I'll probably get a chill as the pool we use on a Monday is a bit on the cool side!

Bike - Err ok so I did one session last Sunday (which yes doesn't count as this week but makes me feel better), and I did make another 30min session during the week. Some good spining.

Run - Slightly better then the bike. Managed 5*5' with 1' rest one day something like 4.7km, then Friday I took the dog out in the rain (she pulled on the first lap then I dragged her on the second - who says I'm not fit!)... Anyhow managed 2*11min with 1'30 walk, couldn't go on any further cos the dog was soaked and not enjoying herself (well ok so she wasn't that bad but I had to get ready for Mum's 60th birthday party!!! :o).... Today was a painful 5.5km in a misely 35mins doing 10 on 2 off.

Had a couple of sessions of physio; Monday a good old ragging of the wrist then some interesting acupuncture on Friday. Not that is both weird and freaky. So hand is getting there but am still getting this really odd sensation in my hand. Strangest of all when I'm running when my thumb seems to have a permanent tickle!

Must be a year for broken bones as a friend from work bust his leg on Thursday - now that is bad. At least with my break I couldn't drive or wash my hair well but I could walk around. Poor Simon has his leg in plaster right up to his thigh has had to move back in with his parents to help out and may need an Op. Including myself that's the third person I know that has broken something this year - mad! Still he's a fit young man so should heal well (have already recommended the red wine, cheese, choc diet!!).

Mum's 60th birthday celebration was great on Friday night , although I think my Dad fed me too much wine given my sore head yesterday ;o) . I take much glee in telling her she's now officially an OAP - she can even now get a free bus pass! Although she is blessed with not only good looks but with a young face and good dress sense. Current favorite game is to overhear other people's ages and to realise that although she's the same age or older you would never think so. Excellent sport particularly when we were out shopping last week ;o)

My training plan for the week is to swim tomorrow, bike and/or run tues (club curry night so better do both then!!), if hand is up to it swim weds if not rest. Thurs run and/or bike with a swim fri. Haven't decided on the weekend yet.

Final bit of exciting news.... I'm DRIVING again - HOORAY!.... beware all those on the roads ;o)

More soon - let's run more and faster!!!