Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hi! A good training week so far... ok until today when I've stalled a bit and ate some cheese instead ;o)

So I plunged into the pool again on Monday. Some more splashing with the kick board and a bit of doggy paddling before crashing out a few lengths (yes lengths!) of front crawl.... and yes technique has left me in my injured weeks (some would say I never had it in the first place ;o) )...but I didn't drown and did a few double lengths without crashing into the end with rightie or drowning! Now rightie isn't quite comfortable in the pull section underwater but I'm sure in time it will get strong!

Yesterday was a lovely spring day and would have been great to go for an early evening run as the sun was lowering in the sky..... at least that's what I thought as I lay in the MRI machine like Superman (ok woman) with my hand firmly clamped into place. Now for someone who isn't too keen on small spaces being face down with an arm clamped above my head in a small tube thing for 40mins is not my idea of fun. However I did think of the run as the scanner churned on like a pneumatic drill for 3.5mins a time.... I also thought what a good opening scene for a Bond movie - I mean how do you get out of that one if the baddy was trying to get you!!! So missed the early evening spring run as I was having some warming cups of sweet tea at a friends house after the experience!!!

However I did manage to get home and go out just before 8 for a really nice run, although it was on the road and in darkness rather then footpaths in fields in daylight. I seem to have discovered how to run "easy" again..... 6.2k without a break nice and slow and I mean really slow, something like a 7min/k pace (wouldn't it to be good to do 7min/mile - ahhh I can but dream!). However I'm really pleased, not too sore today at all and 42mins straight is something I didn't think I'd be up to for another couple of weeks yet.

Did "plan" on doing some turboing today but decided to just chill out this evening. Unlikely to be up to much tomorrow either as I have a company medical in the morning and am out tomorrow night watching a play which is interestingly called "love puke"... hummm

Still aiming to be 10% up on SBR for the week, will have to go some Fri, Sat, Sun to get to that target!

Happy days!

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  1. It may be slow starting back up, but it beats sitting on the sidelines!!