Monday, March 19, 2007

The return of winter

After stating how wonderful and spring like it was last week guess what. Yes today it has snowed - didn't I say it would!! So it has turned for lovely fresh spring days to a cold Northerly wind blowing really unpleasant weather - at least I live in the south of England as it looks grim up North - well grimmer then usual!! ;o)

I shall now attempt to show some of those spring pictures I took before the snow...

..oh now that seems to have worked....

Would love to say what these are... primrose perhaps... I was told earlier today but can honestly say I've forgotten already...

So here's a picture of something I do know........

Yes a daffodil!.... Yes it seems a bit droopy but then it was a cold morning and it's in a pot with no other daffs (think I must have put it there my mistake).. so it must be feeling lonely?!!?

And finally no spring garden picture would be complete without the main character of the garden. He who watches over the house, brings too the odd present in from the garden and generally gets spoilt by me (yes despite the gifts from the garden...)

The one - The only - MUFFIN the cat....

OK so on to training. Got a couple of gold stars for my bike and run but a bit of a black mark "must do better" for the swimming. Overall for last week I managed to do +15% of running (distance), +6% bike (distance), and let's not worry about the swim. Didn't do anything Weds/ Thurs which is why I missed on the swim really. Had one session done Monday then failed to get one in Friday, couldn't Saturday and although I planned a swim on Sunday I was attacked my the dreaded cold lurgy monster and felt it wouldn't be a good idea for me (or other swimmers - eugh!) to go yesterday afternoon. Which is why by the way I'm writing my blog now which is when I'd usually be doing a club swim night.

Hopefully I'll shake this cold of pretty pronto. I've been dosing up on Vit C, Echinacea, Sinutab, throat lozengers and lots of water. Typically of a cold it's got me in the nose and throat and is annoying me most when I'm asleep (or not as the case may be). Why do colds do that - all day you feel better then the sun goes down you feel worse and then by the time you get to bed it leaves you awake all night....must be to do with the whole horizontal thing in bed I guess.

I like to think I've been sensible (or maybe used the cold as an excuse) and not done any training today. Plan for the week is to add at least another 10% on to my bike and run from last week and get at least two swims in. Some of this is dependent on the cold I know but I'll see how it goes all the same. Besides this is my final week of "prepare to train" 4th post-plaster week - hurrah!

Speaking of which - Rightie got to see the hand quack today and


The MRI was clear so all seems well in the world of the right wrist. I have another follow-up if I want in about 6 weeks. In the meantime continue with the physio and in the words of the doctor - don't fall off the bike again as that may hurt! So with a big sigh of relieve I shall continue to diligently do my wrist exercises and can now look forward to my Beginners Tri camp which I've just booked on which is in the warm weather location of Lanzarote at the end of April. Can't wait - although am slightly concerned I'll be at the back of the pack all the time.. but hey at least I'm in the pack to begin with and let's face it someone's got to come last!

Right better go and feed the cat before he tries to eat my arm!! ;o)

... and all was well in the house...

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